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Best Cigar Prices
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : PA, USA
Online Since : 1998
Rating : -7 ( : 7, : 14)
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Description (taken from the website) : New Global Marketing's premier website purchases only the major brands including many of the smaller boutique lines that have come out over the last few years.

26 Comments on “Best Cigar Prices”

  1. Experience:

    My first-time order with BestCigarPrices (BCP) arrived after 4 weeks (dispatched from BCP on 24 Jan 2012 and received by me in Australia on 20 Feb 2012, including 13 days Australian Customs and local delivery).

    The package and contents arrived in good condition but was missing one 1 pack of 5 cigars from the total order of 12 packs. I contacted BCP about the missing pack and they readily agreed to apply due credit to a future order.

    E-mail communications with BCP was good – prompt and courteous.

    I would order from BCP again assuming I can see suitable cigar offerings (particularly as I have a credit amount to apply) and would rate the experience, thus far, as good enough to try again.

  2. Experience:

    I’m surprised that they only have one rating. I guess it’s a good thing, for me. I’ve ordered many boxes from them and they really do have the best prices. Delivery is prompt and their service is great. I’m getting ready to order another box of AF today.

  3. Experience:

    I have purcahsed cigars & accesories from them. The cigars come in sealed pouches & in great shape. Their prices are the best & so is their cutomer service. A++++ experience.

  4. Experience:

    Have been a loyal customer for a long time, and have always been pleased, except for my recent experience. Placed an order and chose 2nd day air. Order was promised by Dec 31 but 6 days later I have yet to receive the order. I called and asked for a refund of the extra cost in shipping since they failed to deliver their product on the date promised. They refused and were actually rude about it. It is a shame that they chose to lose me as a customer over $14.95 instead of standing behind their promises.If you order, don’t expect for your order to be delivered when promised or for them standing behind their promises or product. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired and their attitude and demeaning conversations have forced me to chose another supplier. The customer is NOT always right. I repeat, NOT always right but when you are promised something for an additional price and they fail to fulfill that promise, it seems reasonable that they would refund the extra cost because of their failing. This time the customer IS right and they have lost this customer. I am only 1 customer and will not make an impact on their sales. However, I can voice my experience and opinion and let you decide if you wish to do business or continue doing business with them.

  5. Experience:

    Purchased Boveda packs from the company. They resell single packs, from a bulk package, that are not sealed. I complained. They said sealing was unnecessary due to a new “technology” in the wrap, which is a bold-faced lie. Never purchasing from this company again.

  6. Experience:

    Purchased two boxes of cigars and both were dried out. Talked with customer service (who was nice on the phone), but they refused to do anything about it. Wasted over $200. Crooks!

  7. Experience:

    These folks are great to deal with. Pleasant gal on phone when ordering. Order was delivered fast via UPS. I will be a return customer!

  8. Saundra Bouchie says:


    Ordered a gift certificate for a friend from them. They sent me an email with a link to the certificate which didn’t work. I called to see if it could be mailed out and I was told someone would call me in the morning. No one did. I called back later that week and spoke with someone who assured me that they would mail it out and it would arrive in a week. This did not happen. I called today- 3 weeks after my initial order- to get a tracking number and was told that it had never been mailed out. Each phone call I was on hold for a majority of the conversation, no one seemed overly concerned with my problem and rather than apologize, the lady rudely told me that if a gift certificate did arrive they wouldn’t honor it since I was asking for a refund. How could it arrive if the link didn’t work and they never mailed it! No customer service, please spend your money with someone who cares about your business, not here!

  9. Harlan Antler says:


    This may be out of the ordinary for the…can’t tell because I only made one order and won’t order every again

    Have been a cigar smoker for over 40 years. have ordered from on line retailers before without any problems. This is the first time I returned a box because they were dried out.

    I tried them because there prices are unbeatable. I smoke La Flor Dominicana L500 Cabinet ocuro naturale. A fairly costly cigar. They arrived dried and unsmokable. This could happen with any retailer so I called. They were very polite and told me they would email me a UPS pickup authorization.What they emailed me was a confirmation of the original order. Called them back and they apologized and said they would email one immediately. They didn’t What they sent was a confirmation that UPS would send me a pickup authorization. It never arrived After another wee they apologized againand told me they would just send a replacement, with the UPS pickup auth. in the box. I asked about a few Alex Bradley cigars I wanted to try and asked that they charge them. They said the were very sorry for the trouble and said two would be included with the other box gratis.

    The replacement box arrived in good condition but not Alex Bradleys.

    Let me be clear: no carping here about not getting the two freebies. But I realized in all these years I have never had any difficulties like this with any retailer.

    Conclusion: Their prices are unbeatable. Their customer service is very polite. However, they just can’t seem to organize anything to save their lives. The box cost about $300 in California. They charge $160 approx with shipping. Great deal. But other, more reliable on line dealers offer it for about $175. Just not worth the aggrevation.

  10. Experience:

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…well, you know the rest. I WAS a long time customer, but my order this week will end that. I have had recent orders not arrive timely even though I paid for extra shipping. UPS is their only method, and when I once again received notice from UPS that my order would not be delivered as scheduled, I contacted BCP to see if they could do something about it. I needed the cigars to have on hand for guests, so needed them as scheduled. The woman at BCP was not helpful, she said that she didn’t want to contact UPS for fear of jeopardizing their shipping contract. When I said it was obvious they cared more about UPS than their customers, she said she would try and agreed to e-mail me what she found out. No e-mail, and no cigars. Had to purchase more at considerable cost to have on hand for guests. If this was an odd occurrence, fine, but it seems to be the norm for them. No offer to refund shipping charge or anything else to make a customer happy. There are other companies out there with just as good prices and are more reliable.

  11. Courtney H. says:


    I ordered a box of cigars from them for a wedding party. They arrived promptly, wrapped in sealed plastic. The day of the wedding, they were opened, and the top layer was completely dried out and crunchy. They burst open if you tried to light them. The bottom layer was slightly more moist, but had mold on them, and tasted horrible. 20 completely unsmokable cigars. I checked the box, and there is a sticker on it that says ‘May 2002’. You mean to tell me this box of cigars is from over a decade ago and they thought it would be fine?! I contacted the company and a week later, still no response. Completely ignoring me. Will never do business with them again. Absolutely ridiculous.

  12. Experience:

    Only two orders so far but both have been expedited promptly and professionally. My only complaint is that as an international buyer I have to phone in my order, which is not always convenient due to time differences.

  13. Dave Zucker says:


    I was a customer for over 5 years and have bought 180 boxes of cigars from them. I had recently moved, and they shipped my last order to my old address instead of where I currently live. Clearly their mistake.

    When I called them for a solution, they said there was nothing they could do, but if I wanted to reorder they wouldn’t charge for shipping.

    This is what great customer service is all about. I will never deal with them again

  14. Experience:

    I ordered some acid 1400cc and after a day I received an email saying they couldn’t deliver to my work address and had to ship to my order to the address on the credit card. That was unacceptable to me for theft reasons so I told them to cancel the order. Several weeks later I noticed a charge from them no where near my order total and when I called them up they couldn’t figure out what triggered the charge. It was not associated with an order. They said they would investigate but as a precaution I cancelled my card. I called several times and they said they escalated it and still working the issue. They did refund the charge but I still had to go through the inconvenience of canceling card and changing all the accounts that use that card…but still almost 2 months later I have not heard how this mistake happened. I will never shop at this place again since I can’t trust their ecommerce setup. Just be cautious and check your statements if you do order from them.

  15. Veronica says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I really don’t know what all the fuss is with some of the other reviews, I have always had a really good experience with BCP. If it wasn’t for them there would be brands that I never would of been able to find that were once my favorites but have since disappeared from the shelves. Everything I’ve ever gotten has arrived in top condition and as expected. They have always helped me out on advice when it comes to finding something that tastes similar to a discontinued brand. I will continue to order from them and would recommend them.

  16. Experience:

    I ordered a sampler pack and received a box of cigar infested with tobacco beetles. They ask many question to ensure I knew what a tobacco beetle was, how lame. then they refunded me the amount. But they sent it to a credit for the online site, I contacted and advised I wanted a refund to my account charged. They could ONLY issue a check, 6 week later I am still waiting for a refund. Beware and avoid this online site.

  17. Experience:

    Just got off the phone with Rich at BCP who has gone above and beyond to get me the cigars I requested at a more-than-fair price. I have been dealing with this company since November of last year and have been impressed with every aspect of their service.In January I had the opportunity to stop by their facility in Drums, PA and was given a surprise tour of their building by the COO of the company! Wasn’t expecting that. The place is spotless, and everything was top of the line, from the huge temp/humidity controlled warehouse right on to the people. I was shocked when he brought me into a dept. solely dedicated to addressing customer concerns, returns, etc. In my near 30 years of cigar smoking I have never seen such a professional and organized operation, I’ll be buying my regular Fuentes and Padrons from BCP for many years to come.

  18. Bobby B. says:


    I’ve been buying my boxes and bundles on line for almost 10 years now. I don’t have any stores close to me.
    I’ve found that Best Cigar Prices does have the best prices, service when I do call and quick shipping.
    My cigars always arrive fresh and ready to smoke! These folks are awesome and my experiences have been the best!

  19. Phil Justice says:


    Ordered three items from best cigar prices, one was on back order. The rep taking the order asked if I wanted to wait till all the items were in stock and ship all three together. I agreed, thought I was being nice by saving them the shipping twice.

    I had a $25 gift card from a previous order on file I used. And just paid the difference. It showed as two different orders on my account but the rep said they would ship together. A couple weeks later the backordered item arrived but not the other two items.

    I called and was told they would be sent the next day. A few days passed, I looked online at my account and saw that it was still processing. I called again and was told it would be sent out the next day. This happened one more time and mind you that I spoke to the same rep all three times. And the third time he told me he was going to walk down to shipping the next day, find out what was going on and call me. That day came, and went. No call…

    So, I called back a few days later. Got a new rep this time and told her I wanted to cancel the 100% paid for order. This order was split off and paid with my gift card. I told her of the problems and I told her, very nicely that I was gifting that order back to best cigar prices. She just chuckled and said OK.

    I’ve also asked them to delete my account. They have not done that either.

    If best cigar prices becomes the last place on earth selling cigars. I’ll be quitting cigars.

  20. Brian Miller says:

    Experience: is the only site that I have consistently had issues with and will never do business with again My issue started about a year ago when I placed an order for a box and received it without anybody sealing it to keep the box from drying out. Since there was no factory cellophane on the box and the cigars weren’t individually cellophaned, I obviously expected there to be some type of humidity barrier to keep the cigars from drying out. There was no ziplock bag or plastic applied to it or even for that matter. I called and spoke to Melinda Reed, the supervisor in charge when I called. Upon speaking to her, I expressed my concerns and was told that this is not how they normally ship cigars. I was informed that she would therefore send me out a new box and would personally take it to the shipping department after sealing it. I received my second box within a week and to my amazement, it was once again sent unsealed. I followed up with another phone call to Melinda and was assured that it got overlooked somehow and she personally, once again, would send another one out to me, packaged appropriately. I then received my 3rd box within 5 days and it was wrapped in saran wrap. I thought, ” do they not even own a ziplock bag or plastic sealing machine”? If it was a huge box I could understand it not fitting into a bag, but that was not the case. And I am almost certain that the boxes sent back went directly back into stock. Fast forward 8 months, and I placed another order with them since I could not find the cigars anywhere else, but this time I spoke to Melinda directly to make sure that the box was sealed in cellophane from the factory before placing my order . She assured me it was so I went ahead and place the order. A few days later, I received my package and was so excited to open it up. Upon opening it, I saw a Drew Estate Java box with Scotch tape holding it closed. Inside of the Java box, with brown paper wrapped around them, where my La Flor Dominicana Salomon especiales. Not only were eight of the ten cigars damaged, but again, no humidification pack or plastic seal. At this point I have had it with the company and call Melinda to request a return label. I sent the cigars back and will never ever do business with this company again. I hope my experience saves at least one person, the headache that I went through.

  21. Experience: could be a great site if they had people that know how to handle customer services and is educated in what they are selling. I made 2 purchases from them, the first had no issues. The second, a build your own sample pack, arrived well packaged but upon inspection my most expensive cigar was riddled with mold! I contacted them right away and was advised by the woman on the phone to be happy with my purchase since it was Plume or Bloom on the cigar! Well, I was shocked, here is a person whom is supposed to be educated and versed in cigars telling someone to smoke a moldy one! The container it came in “Tubo” smelled moldy, there was white fuzzy mold on the foot growing in-between layers of filler and on the head. I asked for a full refund and was given it. But they way they acted and the risk of infecting my whole humidor did not seem to concern them in the least. I will never shop from them again and if you don’t wanna smoke a moldy cigar or contaminate your collection stay away!

  22. Experience:

    Ordered a box of cigars to send to a friend as an engagement present. Instead of shipping them to his address which I entered on their website they shipped them to my billing address. Instead of sending me a return address label and shipping them to the correct address the customer service rep Stacey, argued with me incessantly. Over $5 they lost a customer and whenever I get asked about my experience I share it.

  23. Experience: Neutral

    Fist box bought came on time and packaged well. Will order again

  24. Perry kapano says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I have since the last comment received seven more boxes from BCP. All have come in top notch shape and in a timely manner. Sure on occasion you might get a tight cigar or one that might unravel but I blame the rollers for that. So far I’m impressed with the service. Good job

  25. Experience: Neutral

    If you ever need to return any items , forget it the worst experience ever trying to return cigars I was not happy with !! Customer service needs serious help ! Don’t know where they get these people

  26. Perry kapano says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I personally have never had a problem with BCP for over a year now. My cigars arrive in a timely manner and in great shape. I give BCP a A+++ rating. Keep up the great work people.

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