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BellHop Cigars
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Canada
Online Since : 2011
Rating : 8 ( : 18, : 10)
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Description (from the website) : The bellhopcigars team has a single mission - to provide the best and most thorough Cuban cigar service available online. Our philosophy is just as clear - that every Cuban cigar smoker should try as many Cuban cigars as possible.

31 Comments on “BellHop Cigars”

  1. Experience:

    Horrible packaging. Horrible cigars. Horrible customer service. Beware.

  2. Experience:

    Placed a online order with BellHop on 7/21/15 wasn’t told that cigars where out of stock for about 3 weeks later, called and email several times for a refund. Had to go through my Credit Card for a refund. My 1st and last order with this vendor.

  3. Experience:

    Me as well as a lot of cigar smokers from OLH have nothing but praise and great words to say about Bellhop. Quite frankly the best!! great service great prices great customer service!!

    Remember well educated Smokers hang out at OLH and they LOVE bellhop cigars!!!

  4. Experience:

    The above comment is far from the truth. Anthony”BellHop” owner is a known thief. Just search for him on google.
    He is known to provide mold covered cigars and provides no refund. Only way to get money back is through your Credit Card.

    OLH has no praise for this site. Run and do not buy.

  5. Experience: Neutral

    This comment was flagged as suspicious.

    OLH member here. Great site. Anthony has never let me down.
    I would highly recommend to anyone.

  6. Experience:

    Ordered some cigars during their sale, received exactly what I ordered in good condition and at a very good price.

    Packaging could have been better but was about average.

    Would order from again!

  7. TimO (the real one) says:



    I am Timothy (TimO) – on OLH – the real one – and did not write that positive review here about BellHop.

    The person who wrote it is Anthony (or his son), owner of BellHop. What a pathetic move: lie to cover more of his lies. He’s just mad that I told everyone on OLH that Cigar Inspector put BellHop up for review. Frankly, I don’t think I did anything wrong – just inform people CI added a new shop to review.

    BellHop was ok for some time but it has gone down the toilet in not too long and every since, it’s been: bad quality cigars, shipments that never show up, customer service that is resumed to threats (when you order form the US), etc, etc, etc.

    Go for it if you want headache.

    ps – I am sure “Max” is also him.

  8. Experience:

    Hey, Anthony, remember me? What a pleasure to see BellHop here.
    I can prove everything I will say: I bought 5 boxes in 3 diferent purchases. 1 arrived (PSP2) – completely rubbish! 2 were returned to Canada as it got stucked in customs… and he never sent them to me again! And the 2 others were NEVER sent.
    Never refunded me.

    PS: yes, google his name and you will find some very interesting things, like he being sued by a magazine.

  9. Experience:

    Anthony and his team have always given me excellent service and always great Cigars, got from him 12 boxes in 3 different shipments and they are all in excellent condition

    PS and price for value is outstanding anybody that a cigar Aficionado should recognise this ***** for bellhopcigars Cigars

  10. Experience:

    Great product, and Excellent service, delivery in less than 10 days and packed right! Two thumbs up!!!

  11. Experience:

    Anthony and staff at Bellhop are excellent.
    Great quality and have never had a problem with shipping .
    Great products and a pleasure to deal with.

  12. Experience:

    I’ve been ordering from Anthony for about a year now and every order has been shipped on time with fantastic cigars. In fact on my last order I asked Raffi if at all possible to find a box that was a little older and the H Upmann’s he sent me were absolutely to die for as was the box of Hoyo and Partagas. I’ve never had a problem with Anthony and his team. Great service and great product. I just placed another order with him this afternoon for some Montecristo Number 2’s as the last box he sent was fantastic!

  13. Experience:

    Interesting to see these negative comments here. I have completed 3 separate orders with Bellhop, and aside from some slowness in responding to my emails, there have been no issues. The cigars have been smoking wonderfully and I plan on ordering from Bellhop again in the near future.

  14. Experience:

    Ordered two boxes last week.
    Again not a single problem with delivery. Cigars where in perfect condition.
    Excellent service.
    Thanks as always.

  15. Experience:

    Recieved two boxes of San Cristobal.
    Arrived in four days .
    Great customer service and support.
    A+ Top quality and well taken care of cigars.
    Thank you Anthony

  16. Chef John says:


    I have dealt with Bellhop for about 3 months now and have ordered in access of 2000.00 on five separate orders. Not only has my cigars come on time they have been impeccable and wrapped very well. Thanks Bellhop for being a standup company!

  17. Experience:

    My experience has been fine. I order from him once a month and don’t have any complaints. Sorry to see that others have not had the best (or a good) experience.

  18. Experience:

    I have had an overall great experience with BellHop, one order arrived in 2 shipments due to the size of the order and Raffi was quick to respond to my call. I had spoken with Anthony after my initial order 12/2014. I have placed about 5 orders since and have not had a problem yet. I do understand that not everyone has a good experience each time they order, but my experience has been top notch. Researching my next order now. Thanks BellHop

  19. Chef John says:


    Since my last review of Bellhop I have ordered two more times and the cigars were well wrapped and in impeccable shape.
    Thank you Raffi and Anthony for fantastic service and taking care of me.
    Looking forward to doing far more business with you and your company!

  20. Experience:

    Moldy and damaged cigars. No refund or exchange. Third time I buy from this site. First two times, cigars arrived OK. Third time, I had a moldy box and the second box was dry and cigars were cracked. I was given the run around for weeks. Then I was told the mold is bloom and the cracked cigars are smokeable. Horrible experience. Will never buy from them again.

  21. Experience:

    Terrible cigars and customer service. Cigars arrived in horrible condition. Dried out and cracked. They refused to exchange or refund. They don’t respond to emails and very rude on the phone.

  22. Experience: Neutral

    Horrible customer service. No response to emails and voice mail. Cigars are too dry and cracked. Indication of bad storage condition. No exchange or refund.

  23. Experience:

    This company cannot be trusted. Bad customer service and threatening attitude. If you in the US, avoid this company or deal at your own risk.

  24. Chefjohn says:


    Not sure where these comments are coming from but I’ve been dealing with bellhop for well over a year and have always had a 10/10 experience. Perfect storage, cigars always checked prior to leaving and excellant customer service. All of a sudden there are negative reviews? Hmmmm…

  25. Experience:

    Prompt service. Cigars beyond industry standard and obviously quite well taken care of. Phenomenal customer service from Raffi. What more can you ask for?

  26. Experience:

    I purchased several boxes over the holidays from the boys at Bellhop and am thrilled as ever at the impeccable service and customer satisfaction level that I receive.
    I will remain a loyal customer and wish Bellhop a successful New Year!

  27. Experience:

    I understand both the positive and negative comments re: Bellhop. My experience has been fine. Sometimes the cigars are late or held up at Customs in NY, but my interactions with Bellhop have been fine.
    I now order from Cigarone in Switzerland because the prices are a little better and the cigars arrive sooner. That said, I wouldn’t hesitate to order from Bellhop again if they had something I wanted.

  28. Experience:

    Terrible customer service. No return for bad cigars.

  29. Experience: Neutral

    Dear Jake,

    Sadly, the production of Cuban cigars is not as perfect as we would expect and few cigars may not be to your expectation. Cuba does not return them back to the merchant…. This is the bad side of our beloved Cubans.

  30. Charles Smith says:


    I have ordered twice from Bellhop. Called and spoke with Anthony before first order. He answered all questions and orders arrived in perfect shape and in a timely fashion.

  31. Experience:

    They are having a 25% off on singles sale right now! This after raising the prices by over 30%, just to make us feel like we are getting a good deal. They must think that we are really stupid!

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