Then & Now: Avo Signature VS Avo 75th Anniversary

Avo 75th Anniversary

Ok, I’d like to try a new little section where I compare older blends to their current counterparts. It may be just aged cigars against a “fresh” cigar, but I have the luxury of a very special comparison with the AVO 75th Anniversary Double Corona, which was the first AVO LE made, against its current incarnation in the AVO Signature Double Corona.

Due to the popularity of the 75th Anniversary, Avo decided to create a regular production line similar to the essence of the Signature. I’ll start with the AVO Signature first.

AVO Signature Double Corona

Size: 7 x 50
Vitola: Double Corona
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun-Grown
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This is actually one of the AVOs I never really got into. i prefer the Domaine and could never justify the extra price for the Signature. But this is the first Double Corona in the line that I have smoked.

The wrapper is incredible. This Ecuadorian Sun Grown beauty is satiny to the touch with a nice dull sheen and almost no visible veins. The pre-light draw is easy and it takes a light easily.

At first I notice a difference from some of the smaller Sigs I have smoked. This is actually very peppery. But there is a nice woodiness and creaminess present throughout.

There are slight coffee notes after the first inch and just a hint of licorice. The pepperiness dissipates after a while, but the body and strength are still fairly strong. Now strong is certainly relative in this case, this is not nearly as spicy as a Tatuaje or anything, but this is definitely the strongest AVO by a mile.

One thing to note is the absence of dryness on the palate, which is often present in a lot of Kelner blended smokes. This usually is not preferred from the likes of Cigar Aficionado, but I never have found it detracting in any way. The licorice picks up nicely for a pleasant and rewarding finish.

Overall I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would, it seems to be a much better cigar in the Double Corona format. This may not be too big of a surprise as this was the size of the original 75th…

Rating: 90 (A)

AVO 75th Anniversary

Man, I am excited to try this cigar! Not only is this cigar seven years old, but I have never tried it. It is a flawless looking as the Signture but more so. The wrapper has a rich golden hue and I can just see the oils glistening off of the soft silky wrapper.

As I gently clip the cigar, I pray I don’t damage the head. I take a pre-light draw and it is nice and even. When I light it however, the draw tightens up for the first half inch but then loosens up for the rest of the smoke.

What is really amazing about this side by side comparison is how amazing Henke Kelner is at blending consistent tasting cigars year after year. The first 1/3 of this smokes tastes EXACTLY like the newer Signature.

After the first third, I am taken to another level. All of the richness and complexity I described above in the Signature is double and tripled in the 75th Anniversary. Loads of creamy smoke deliver licorice, coffee and sweet wood notes.

This cigar still has the strength it had when it was rolled, because it still delivers a nice full-flavored spicy punch. It is also not as dry as the Signature. The burn is spot on and I smoke it to the nub. Clearly this is one of the best cigars I have smoked in a looonng time. I can see why this was made into a regular production cigar.

The Signature DC is a great smoke, but the 75th is on a whole other plane!

Rating: 97 (A+)

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