Avo Legacy 2004 Limited Edition

Avo Legacy 2004 Limited Edition

Avo CigarsOrigin : Dominican Republic
Format : Torpedo
Size : 5.75″ x 48
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Filler : Dominican
Binder : Dominican
Price : $15+ each
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Ah… an AVO LE. They come out to celebrate the birthday of Avo Uvezian begining with his 75th. The Legacy celebrates his 78th. Every year I look forward to these small batch cigars. After all, my favorite cigar of all time came from the AVO LEs Series (the LE5 of course).

I figured with 4 years of age, this would have mellowed nicely. Boy was I wrong!

This cigar has a flawless milk chocolate wrapper. Seriously. Flawless, I can barely see any sign of a vein. It has a satiny texture and the pre-light aroma makes me think this will pack a little more punch than I expected.

The initial puff yields a nice bit of smoke and pepper?? Pepper? In a Kelner-made cigar? Yup, this one’s got spice! This cigar maintains its spiciness throughout the length of the smoke. Betwixt the pepper notes I pick up subtle nuances of oak and toast with a little cocoa and coffee thrown in. This cigar also burns very straight with a tight salt and pepper ash. The aroma is very powerful, so much so that I have to check the band again to make sure I am smoking an AVO cigar.

I enjoyed this cigar to the nub, but I hesitate to give it a real high score as I feel it has more aging to do. I will revisit this cigar in about a year. If you can still find these, try one out!

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