Avo Classic No. 2

Avo Classic

Avo CigarsOrigin : Dominican Republic
Format : Toro
Size : 152 x 20 mm
Ring : 50
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut
Filler : Dominican Republic
Binder : Dominican Republic
Price : ~$6 each
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Continuing my selection of Avo cigars, today's review is for another lovely creation of Mr Uvezian - Avo Classic No. 2. I should have probably started the series with this cigar because this is IMO the perfect beginner's smoke... Mild, with an outstanding look/construction and a pleasant aroma. Read on.

Appearance : ★★★★★
Flawless claro wrapper and a pretty band will easily catch a newbie's attention.

Construction : ★★★★★
Straight burn and a draw that allows a lot of creamy white smoke which smells rather good, according to my non-smoking (female) friends.

Flavor : ★★★★½
Avo Classic No. 2 tastes very creamy, with a mild, rather uniform flavor. Among the components, I can name coffee and hazelnuts in the beginning, just a hint of white pepper in the second third and leathery and floral notes in the last third. For a seasoned smoker, it might lack complexity, but I still find it a very decent smoke.

Value : ★★★½☆
These are priced quite high and some online hunting must be done to get a satisfying price/quality ratio. If you can get them under $5/stick by box, don't think twice.

Overall Rating : ★★★★½
I keep some in my humidor and offer them to friends who'd like to give cigar smoking a try. This stogie really has some success and I can proudly say that I converted a few of my buddies to regular smokers.

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7 Comments on “Avo Classic No. 2”

  1. dwardnyc says:

    Avo #2s were my first box of cigars purchased (in 1998!)…always a pleasure to smoke this line. Not the strongest, but definitely a pleasing smoke to non-cigar smokers and seasoned smokers alike.

  2. When I was a young cigar smoker just starting out in this hobby, this is the cigar that got me hooked. Although I don’t smoke it much anymore it still holds a special place in my heart. LOL.

  3. Saint Jimbob says:

    The #2 maduro tasted better, to me, adding a little more dimension to the mild flavors of this line. The wrappers look rough, and if you were to take off the band, one would guess these to be $2 bundle cigars.

    The Avo 787 was even better.

  4. PleasureOfMan says:

    I also got hooked on the AVO line. The wooden box (for 25 qty) is nice too.

  5. My Review of the 5-year old Avo Classic No. 2

    The Classic have always been great morning cigars, but I was interested to see if age took too much off of this milder cigar.

    The white on the band has since yellowed, always a good sign, and the wrapper has darkened a bit but still is satiny with few veins.

    The draw is easy and the initial quarter yields lots of smoke rich with that famous Kelner mustiness, wood and light coffee. Already I see that my fears were for naught, as the cigar still has ample flavor even after 5 years.

    Halfway through the cigar actually picks up a bit with increased shots of espresso and just a bit of cocoa and nuts.

    The burn got off for a second but corrected itself and was dead even through the remainder of the cigar.

    The woodiness came back strong in the second half of the smoke and it brought some leather with it!

    The last quarter was creamy and chewy with coffee and chocolate notes.

    It’s been a while since I’ve had a Classic, and I forgot how much I loved this cigar! This aged wonderfully and I can’t thank Matt (Cyrann) enough for the chance to try an aged beauty such as this!

    Rating: 91 (A-)

  6. Franny Giruzzi 3 says:

    Great comments enjoyed and agree with them all. I have some #3s that have been in my humidor for 5+ years which made the last comment very cool and helpful It was always my favorite I smoke xo’s all the time through out the years but haven’t had a Classic in ages.These reviews and comments will add to my pleasure when I do Thank you all !

  7. M wotring says:

    How do I order10 cigars? Do not want a box.

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