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I have a disability. I love cigars too much. I like to try everything. And I mean everything. No cigar goes untasted. Currently I have tried over 2200 cigars (that’s different brands and sizes) and show no signs of slowing down. I catalog my cigars (part of an obviously apparent OCD), what I have tried and how much I have enjoyed them. I like cigars from all countries, especially from that tiny little island south of us :) I love to talk cigars, ask the guys from my local shop, Empire Cigars (I’m sure they’d rather I stay away).

I label every cigar that comes into my house with a date placed in humidification. My cataloging includes not just a huge Excel spreadsheet but a cigar journal and now this blog. I need professional help. Seriously.

I’ve been smoking cigars for most of my adult life and it really has become a passion. And it’s a passion I want to share with you. That’s right, you, the guy/gal sitting there reading this and at the same time thinking about which cigar to have tomorrow after work. :)

Remember, life is too short to smoke bad cigars (but not to short to at least try them).

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