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The Cigar Spy


The Cigar Spy was a cigar blog created and mastered by Dennis “Agent 15” Camacho that began in early 2008. It was started to provide fun and entertaining cigar reviews, news, podcast, videos and more. It was a serious blog, but taken in a fun manner with a James Bond twist.
In late 2008, “The Boss” a.k.a. Agent 15, brought along 3 other great cigar connoisseurs turned Cigar Spies to the team, Agent 6 (Mike Dean), Agent 10 (MJ Vineburg) and Agent 8 (Jon Siddle). Together we bring you a tremendous passion, knowledge and love of cigars.
We hope you learn a little, laugh a little, but most importantly enjoy your stay. And maybe encourage you to wear your “Cigar Spy Glasses” while enjoying your favorite stogies.

The Cigar Spy was discontinued in 2011 and the reviews have been transferred to in 2012 with Agent 15’s consent.

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