Author: Kaleehb


As a cigar connoisseur, my goal is to publish an interesting collection of cigar reviews and add to the ever so growing cigar community. Believe me, in no way do I consider myself an expert or authority in the world of tobacco and cigars however, I do understand that personal preference is a big part of the proficiency in cigar tasting and reviewing.

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Kaleehb’s Scoring Guide

Pre-light (worth 10 pts.)
Wrapper/Appearance: 2 pts.
Cap: 2 pts.
Band: 2 pts.
Smell: 2 pts.
Pre-light draw/lighting: 2 pts.

Sub Category total: 10 points

Smoking (worth 10 pts.)
Tasting: 4 pts.
Burn: 3 pts.
Draw: 3 pts.

Sub Category total: 10 points

Overall Experience (worth 10 pts.)
On a scale 1-10 rate the cigar. (10 being the best)

Sub Category total: 10 points

TOTAL : 30 points

30 Points – 26 Points
– Very distinguished smoke. Highly recommended. Best of the best.

25 Points – 21 Points
– Good quality smoke. Very much enjoyable and recommended.

20 Points – 16 Points
– This cigar could use some work. Mediocre.

15 Points – 0 Points
– Crap. Don’t waste your time or money.