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Just an impostor in the cigar game who’s only goal is to provide an unpretentious outlet for smokers. Other than cigars he enjoys people of substance, dogs, pugilism, and barrel aged spirits.

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Joshua’s Grading System: Cigar Classes

Our classification system is based on a desire to categorize cigars by their flavors and character. Secondly, it’s to be used as a tool, for you the smoker, to find a cigar with certain attributes you enjoy. Whether that be the dark and substantial Coal Miner, or the light and pleasant Beach Comber, it will help you find cigars that match the flavor of the moment in your life. No cigar is going to fit perfectly into one of our classes, so we look to the dominant characteristics to guide our placement.

Beach Comber

If cigars were seasons this special class would be that time right between the end of spring and the beginning of summer. This smoke belongs next to a paperback and your favorite ice cold beer while you sit and watch the waves.

Dominant Flavors:
Hay, fresh cut cedar, butter/cream, toasted sesame, barnyard.

Secondary Flavors:
Honey, pencil wood, white wine, white pepper (if any), honey-suckle, nougat, grass, pistachio, mint, citrus, orange peel, vanilla, paper, herb.

Creamy finish, Dry earth finish, buttery finish, espresso finish. Hay/barnyard aroma, floral aroma. Creamy or airy texture. Body from light to medium. Strength from light to medium.

Coal Miner

The Coal Miner is dark and substantial like the earth that its’ leaves were grown from. An experienced palate will enjoy the challenge of picking out the nuanced flavors.

Dominant Flavors:
Mineral, earth, cocoa, coffee, charcoal.

Secondary Flavors:
Oak or Mesquite, peat, manure, black pepper, cream, fermented tobacco, red wine, bittersweet, molasses, meat or rawhide, black licorice, almond, walnut, Brazil nut.

Oily finish, tar finish, cocoa finish, oak finish. Diesel/petrol aroma, dark woody aroma. Oily, chalky or creamy texture. Medium to Full in body. Mild to Full in strength.


The Dynamite boldly defines itself on its’ own terms. Where most cigars are defined by their flavors and aromas the Dynamite is primarily defined by its’ strength. A nicotine bomb that packs a physical experience with its’ rich flavors.

Dominant Flavors:
Could encompass any flavors from the following categories: Regal, Coal Miner, Santa Fe, Marquee. There are no dominant flavors strictly associated with the Dynamite category.

Secondary Flavors:
Soil, red wine, bourbon, fermented tobacco, smoky, smoked meat, black licorice, black pepper, dark bread, molasses, hickory, charred wood, petrol, turpentine, charcoal.

Oily finish, woody finish, salivating finish. Petrol aroma. Medium to Full body. Full strength.


This is the headliner. This is the reason why cigars were invented. When you were 13 you stole a Marquee from your uncle’s humidor and smoked it, not really knowing what it was. Then you grew up and you understood what all the fuss was about.

Dominant Flavors:
Leather, citrus, peanut, vanilla, cream, salt.

Secondary Flavors:
COVERS NUT-SPECTRUM, toast, gingerbread, rotted wood, dust, toffee, caramel, salt, truffle, honey, cedar, dried fruit, light cocoa, floral, hay, peat, mint, lightly roasted coffee.

Floral finish, velvety finish, musty finish. Floral aroma, nutty aroma. Creamy or oily texture. Light to full body. Light to full finish.


A signature flavor that just says refinement. What the Regal lacks in variety it more than makes up for in class and satisfaction.

Dominant Flavors:
Nutty, black pepper (usually), toasted, wood, earth.

Secondary Flavors:
Leather, molasses, fruits caramel, toffee, red wine, dark roasted sweetness, oak/mesquite/hickory, coffee, vanilla.

Coffee finish, earthy finish, nutty finish. Peppery aroma, nutty aroma, woody aroma. Medium to Full body. Medium to Full strength.

Santa Fe

Spice. The drive to make the bland interesting. Empires stretched out across the globe in search of it and on their way they stopped to plant tobacco. The Santa Fe is the fruit of their labor.

Dominant Flavors:
Spices (cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, anise, peppercorn and cardamom, etc.), peppers (more intense than other classes), graham cracker, toast, cedar, dry earth.

Secondary Flavors:
Cayenne pepper, paprika, nutmeg, white pepper, cloves, yeast, light cream, caramel, almond, dry hickory, leather, gingerbread, floral, citrus, light nut.

Spicy finish, dry earthy finish, salty finish, toasty finish. Toasty aroma/retro-hale. Airy texture or oily texture. Peppery mouth tingling sensation (think jalapeño). Mild to full body and strength. Unexpected power in terms of flavor or strength.

Wild Card

The Wild Card isn’t interested in your preconceived notions or desires. The Wild Card simply is what it is when it wants to be. You’re better off if you just sit back and experience it. It’ll just surprise you anyway.

Joshua’s Grading System: Quality


As good as it gets.


Unforgettable experience.


Self explanatory. Satisfying says it all.


Enjoyable, but lacking distinction.


A simplistic affair. Often, unbalanced, boring, or muted.


Flawed or seriously lacking.


So bad, it’s offensive.