Author: El Humo De Los Dioses

I am part of the 8th generation of tobacco growers in my family which resides in the Southern region of the United States. We have supplied most, if not all, of the domestic cigarette manufacturers with high quality flue cured tobacco products since the 1700’s continuing through to the present day.

My love of cigars is mainly focused on aged/vintage smokes, and I am particularly delighted when I can enjoy a stick that is not well known or widely produced. Aged Robusto sticks constantly fill my humidor, but I have been known to delve into some of the higher quality more recently released Cuban cigars. I buy all the cigars that I will review so that you, the casual reader or even the most seasoned cigar aficionado, will get my unvarnished opinion of the product I write about. I will call them like I see them, and hold no allegiance to any brand of fine cigar. What I care about, is that the cigars I enjoy are well made and aged, and have few, if any technical flaws.

I have not yet discovered the perfect cigar, but many I have enjoyed over the years come close. I hope to impart my experiences in a way that is not only entertaining to the reader, but is also a helpful resource in your journey to find that “bucket list” Cuban smoke. Enjoy!!

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