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Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : PA, USA
Online Since : 1999
Rating : 30 ( : 40, : 10)
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Description (taken from the website) : (Atlantic Cigar Company LLC) has been a family operated retail tobacco business for a decade now, and additionally expanded their expertise and services around the world, by launching the virtual cigar store.

57 Comments on “Atlantic Cigar”

  1. Experience:

    I would like to put in a word of recommendation for Atlantic Cigars of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The Scipionis have provided me all my non-Cuban cigars for nearly six years – hundreds of cigars, and never once a duff one! Having just unpacked another glorious load of Padrons, Arturo Fuentes and my staple Puros Indios, I feel I must sing their praises to you.

  2. Experience: Neutral

    I haven’t spent a lot of time on this site. At first it seems like Atlantic has a massive selection of non-Cuban cigars. But then I realized that most items are either out of stock or you have to email to get a price on many of their cigars (it’s like buying a car!). That being said, they did have the fiver of Rocky Patel Decades that I was looking for. The price was decent, my order was immediately confirmed and I got a USPS tracking number on my package the next day. Overall, I would give this site a neutral to positive rating.

  3. Experience:

    After searching stores for 16 years Atlantic Cigar is hands down the best
    In customer service and cigar selection, availability and shipping.
    Hands down The Best. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

  4. NYCigarSean says:


    Americo and the rest of the Scipioni family are the best in the business….their selection, service, and pricing are second to none….I have been purchasing cigars online for many years and since I found them last year my search for the best vendor is over…..Thank you Atlantic for always having what I want when I want it and for a great price!

  5. Experience:

    Had two orders from them. They are very discreet with shipping (I am in Canada). Very good service, generally good prices but slightly higher shipping costs than some I use. Overall a definite recommend.

  6. Experience:

    They have very competitive prices they shipped the product quickly. I will continue to shop prices but this site will be my first stop when I want a new stick!

    Update (Nov 7 2011) Just got another order from them. I have yet to find anyone beat their prices. On time cigars where in great condition. Price compare against them if they have what you are looking for it will usually be the lowest price!

  7. SteveFDD says:


    I just got my first package from Atlantic cigar. everything was ok and dealing with matt was a surprising delight. I would fully endorse these guys to all my friends. It only took 7 days from ordering to having it on my desk, and i live in Northern Canada. thanks guys you have made my Month!

  8. Experience:

    Hands down best prices in the Northeast. Puts places like CI and Thompson to shame. Honest people with reasonable prices. Fast shipping and a good collection of hard to find cigars.

  9. Experience:

    Never had a problem with any orders from them. Great prices and great svc. Highly recommend.

  10. Cyber-Speculator says:


    Have placed a few orders in the last few months and have no complaints with either the quality or service

  11. Experience:

    I live in Australia, unfortunately the land of plain paper packaging and very high tobacco taxes. Stuid bloody govt. Atlanticcigars shipped reasonably quickly (14 days) and the cigars are fantastic value. What a relief to find a site that offers many good quality cigars at fantastic prices and all shipped discretely without fuss. Very good

  12. Larry Jones says:


    Couldn’t believe the price they offered for my favorite cigars. Beat every other online store by $40 for the box Super friendly and very helpful on the phone, although like a few others have said, their website could provide more info. Overall it was an easy transaction. Will definitely be back!

  13. Cyberspec says:


    Great service, prices and fast shipping…overall a great vendor

  14. Experience:

    After dealing with AC for a couple of years all I can say is their service is top notch. All orders are timely and exactly as ordered. Great experience thus far.

  15. Experience:

    In response to Steve. Your correct in saying that Atlantic Cigars have a fantastic website that displays stocking levels and asks for you to “email for price” or says “out of stock” and even tells you if no back orders are allowed. Thing is: no other site that I know of does this so you have no idea when ordering and no doubt paying for if they have the cigar(s) you have just ordered are in their stock or not. given their vast array of cigars on offer Atlantic would have thousands of boxes in stock. Just select from the ones they have stock of or email them ‘knowing’ they do not have that item in stock. Good prices too and excellent communication.

  16. christian says:


    discrete is key when cigar duty is USD281.66 per KG. and Atlantic does discrete. Quick response to my email query and amazing packaging. will def order nicara and DR cigars from here again no doubt.

  17. Experience:

    Atlantic is the best I’ve found. I’ve ordered from a lot of online stores and without fail, the cigars were dried out and stale. If I wanted to smoke a harsh dried out cigar I’d just buy a blunt at the convenience store. Besides, I figure if it’s dried out…how many times over has it been dried out/re-humidified/dried out, etc….maybe even returned and resold? Has it lost all of its essential oil that can’t be replaced with humidification? So my biggest concern became seeking out someone who could provide consistently fresh cigars.
    I’ve ordered from Atlantic several times now and man, what a difference in freshness…never a dry one yet; even the 5 packs(singles). At first I was a little ticked about having to email for some of the prices, but I tried it with a box showing “email for price”. They emailed me back within an hour or so with a really good price.
    The other day I had a small problem with an order. I had ordered a couple of cigar fresh bags…one had leaked somehow and inside of the shipping box was wet everywhere. But the cigars were seperately bagged and sealed so well that nothing was affected, except maybe a little extra humidity in the box. I called Atlantic and they sent a couple of replacement bags instantly with no hassle. Trust these guys. To me, they seem to be the sort of people who actually appreciate cigars and cigar customers.

  18. sacamano says:


    Very fast shipping and I find Atlantic to have the best prices on cigars anywhere online. I’ve checked many competitors and have found that to be true in repeated examples.

  19. JohnnyCocktails says:


    Excellent service, shipped within an hour of ordering.

    I didnt mind paying for 2 day shipping, since I saved so much on the box…

    Even included a little bonus gift…

    I’ll definitely be ordering from these fellas again…

  20. JohnnyCocktails says:


    Lightning FAST shipping….excellent prices…..register an account, then you don’t have to “email” for prices on certain items….their prices can’t be beat..
    Highly Recommend!

  21. Experience:

    I purchased 4 each 5 packs of Don Pepin Blue labels when they became available. Shipping was great, cigars were bad. I have smoked hundreds of these, and I truthfully think some of the cigars I recieived were either fakes or factory rejects. I have had better $2 cigars. This is my first and last purchase from Atlantic. Sorry guys, there are too many other online retailers

  22. Experience:

    Great vendor, I have now placed 2 orders…good pricing, prompt communication.
    Both orders were shipped within the day and arrived within the week to Canada.
    They even label the package so its unlikely to be hit with customs….both orders were received without having to pay customs.
    Will definitely buy again without hesitation….HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  23. Experience:

    Atlantis has the worst service I’ve come across while searching for a supplier to Canada.
    Emailed twice via a form on their site, once regarding shipping choices and another asking for a price (as stated on their site). I never got a response from either email -not even an automated one. I also found their shipping costs to be very expensive compared to other online sellers.
    I was VERY impressed with Holt’s for their immediate same day email answers, customer service, product choices, product prices and excellent shipping prices. They will be my main supplier from now on, and I will recommend them to friends. I was also impressed with Cigarplace service and products, although prices and shipping was higher.

  24. Experience:

    My regular fix. Extremely competitive pricing n very efficient
    Highly recommended.

  25. Experience:

    Today marks my 4th purchase with Atlantic Cigar, and I never really thought of writing a review until this last transaction that I had with them. I usually purchase the cigars online by using prepaid visas because I don’t own my own visa for my own reasons. But this time, when I used the prepaid visa, when Atlantic Cigar tried to process my order, it failed…more than 3 times. And they were very quick to respond my emails and were friendly about the situation. I finally found out the issue and got my order approved. Overall, I’m really satisfied because they responded so quickly and all of this only took 1 day. And about the cigars…they have been perfectly delivered each time, wrapped with cellophane sleeves for each cigar, none of them have ever been damaged.

    My opinion: they’re great

  26. D Buchanan says:


    Once again, as always, I have received really fresh cigars from Atlantic Cigars. That is such a big deal to me because I searched and tried a lot of other online cigar stores and always had the same problem…dried out stale cigars. I have never had a dry cigar from Atlantic. If you find your cigars from other vendors don’t have that fresh “give” when you pinch them a little, and when you cut them…dry tobacco pieces fly out…and worst of all, when you light them up they taste like a stale dry dog turd…then try out Atlantic. I haven’t seen a dry one yet from them.

  27. D Buchanan says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I need to add another quick positive comment for Atlantic. I agree with others saying that they are out of stock on lots of items. Sometimes that irritates me, but when I think it out…I would really rather know that they don’t keep massive stocks of premium cigars. Could that be one of the reasons they always provide fresh ones? Who knows how old the cigars are from other vendors who always seem to have them in stock. That’s about like a vendor always having plenty of “fresh coffee” on hand vs. one that you have to wait for sometimes. I want the fresh stuff when it comes to coffee and cigars. Besides there are lots of good alternatives…I figure it’s time to try out other premium cigars that they do have when they are temporarilly out of my favorites.

  28. Experience:

    Atlantic had the FFOX that I wanted in stock. Searching over, my order was placed and shipped out quickly. The cigars arrived well packed, in good shape, and ready for the humidor. Exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it. What more could I ask?!?

  29. Daniel Baril says:


    Received my first order from Atlantic,quick delivery and everything in good condition.Great prices and excellent service.Thumbs up.

  30. Experience:

    Update: I’ve left two very positive comments before that I would delete if I could.

    The cigars from Atlantic used to always be fresh. But over the last few months, I have received dry cigars in a few orders. I’m talking about REALLY dry cigars…of the dry kind that fly apart when you try to cut them and taste like old dried out convenience store cigars. A couple of them have even had the wrappers come loose. These were premium cigars too…Illusione Epernay’s and Diamond Crown. They don’t make cheap dry cigars. Something is happening to them along the way, like all the other online smoke shops I’ve switched from…for the same reason; dried out, stale cigars. Well now Atlantic seems to have lost control of the quality product.
    The guy from customer service rudely replied to my complaint talking about their high dollar $60,000 humidor and saying it wasn’t their fault and that experienced afficianados realize that you should put your new orders in a humidor for a few days….give me a break…I’ve been smoking good cigars for a long time now…what an attitudal response!
    I’m moving on to the next experiment. Hope this helps someone else

  31. Experience: Neutral

    @ DB, agreed. I just recieved a box of my father, Flor de las antillas, and they are REALLY Dry!!! A couple are even cracked. Totally unsmokeable at this point. Going to take a long while in my humi nursing them back to life. I’m totally bummed out! Because I’m from Canada, there are not alot of places that ship internationaly.

    on a positive, theyre prices are great and they ship very fast. Ordered Monday, had them Friday.

  32. Experience:

    I gotta agree with these guys about the dry cigars. I just got a batch of really super dry/stale ones. Atlantic used to always ship fresh. I tried Superior last week and got a really fresh, nice box of Camacho Cetros at a really good price. Sorry Atlantic…I refuse to smoke stale cigars.

  33. Experience:

    Once credit card processed (my 1st order – UK client), took 7-days to reach me which was good and no customs issues. Well packed for protection (but would suggest vacuum pacing for international orders). Prices were good for the sticks. International shipping costs high, but all in all good service. Cigars in humidor now, but did not look dry to touch or visually. Will order again

  34. Experience:

    2nd order which was packed and despatched on same day. 1-week later arrived in UK, without customs issues, in well packed condition. Cigars look good and are in humidors now – so have not smoked. Very good service in terms of turnaround and price of sticks. Still feel international shipping costs high but well impressed with turnaround times.

  35. Experience:

    I have had four shipments from Atlantic and all have been very fast, good prices and complete. I live in Canada so have have the cigars shipped to various locations in the US that I am visiting; friends, hotels, even k-nect mailbox. Never any issues and always on time.

  36. Experience: Neutral

    The Prices and fast shipping at Atlantic are wonderful. Great prices and shipping costs too…But, I received a sealed box of dry, on the cusp of stale cigars. They may have received them that way from their supplier because it was a sealed box. I will try one more order. Hopefully they will be fresher.

  37. Experience:

    My 5th order successfully delivered discretely. UK is tricky, but Atlantic “deliver”. I love having some non-Cubans in my humidor and have to endorse Atlantic again. Always seem to have some good promotion items.

  38. David Swenson says:


    I have been a customer for a number of years. Staff is always friendly and helpful, great choice of cigars, generally received in good condition, prompt delivery (within two days), great prices and free delivery on orders over $200. Have received a couple of boxes over the years that were a bit on the dry side but some aging in my humidor with Captain Morgan brings them back to life. One of the best outfits I’ve purchased from!

  39. Experience:

    Very lousy and rude service .They interact with me like they were ding me a favor totally worthless and not worth the try

  40. Daniel Caceresd says:


    Bait aNd Switch, They List Nice Cigars In ThEir Premium sampler Then Replace With Cheaper Sticks. Half The Cigars Were Replaced. Up In Smoke Over This order

  41. Experience:

    Whilst I agree that Atlantic will not receive any communication awards (i.e. that element is v poor); they have decent stock/prices and can deliver to UK seamlessly, where others fail. If you are non-USA looking for non-Cubans, then I would recommend Atlantic.

  42. Experience: Neutral

    Have dealt with them when prices and services were very good, but my last order was with a bumped up shipping cost. They are asking too much for shipping out of the US when other companies work hard with honest shippings. Not recommended for non-US puffers.

  43. motionsick says:

    Experience: Neutral

    While Atlantic’s listed prices seem like a deal, their shipping costs are MUCH higher than other places. Especially shipping to Canada. A box shipped was about 2-3x more for shipping.

    Good selection, but cigars aren’t shipped with a humipak unless noted.

  44. Experience: Neutral

    I’d agree with the above. Atlantic get product through to UK (no failures in 14 orders), but for the Priority Mail service their price is $25/USD+ higher than others. Also, for small orders, they will not use First Class.

  45. Kevin Randall says:


    My cigars arrived in good time to the UK & in tip top condition. They were well packaged & contained a boveda pack, they looked & smelt terrific. Looking forward to some holiday time in about a week when I will sample some. Can’t wait.

  46. Experience:

    I have ordered from Atlantic twice now and had orders shipped to my hotel during stays in the USA. Orders have arrived in excellent condition and packed well. Love the website, easy to navigate and great “real time” stock levels. Matt @ Atlantic has been a great help as well. Would highly recommend dealing with Atlantic and will use every time I stay in the US.

  47. Ron cerino says:


    Hands down, best prices out there even with shipping!!! Don’t know how they do it. Always fast and great packaging.

  48. David Carpenter says:


    Great prices–
    Quick shipping
    Great service–advice–recommendation’s
    Matt first class individual–very helpful–
    My go to place–

    David Carpenter
    MN. —AZ.

  49. Experience:

    the shopping part was fine, competitive (not the cheapest) prices, good deals, it’s the shipping part that gets you, much more expensive than others and uses Asendia One / USPS for international shipping. other sites offer cheaper rates ($55) with 5 day UPS shipping, this one charges ($78) for the shittiest mail service on earth which takes up to 3-4 weeks and leaves you blind). disgusting service!

  50. Experience:

    In New Delhi, India, it’s hard to get good cigars for a decent price. Local retailers mark-up cigars by 300 to 700%. I just spent 9k (Indian) with Atlantic to get 70-odd cigars (singles and bundles).

    For that same amount, I got 5-cigars from an Indian retailer (that’s right… FIVE)!

    Atlantic shipped it quickly, but the package took 25-days to get to me due to Indian customs. It came through smoothly though – great packing and all cigars were in great condition – armed with boveda packs.

    Loved the cigars and will definitely order again with Indian custom delays in mind.

  51. Experience:

    I have ordered cigars from AC for some time now overall I have had a good experience with them. The last order was sent to a location for me and when I received the cigars they were falling apart, this happened on a previous order but I just thought that ok its not going to be perfect all the time. So I sent a note to Matt at AC along with some photos and I must say to this point from the middle of October I have had no response which is very upsetting for the lack of customer service. Remember the saying your as good as your last job!!!!!!!!!!! I will NOT be ordering from AC any longer and will not recommend them.

  52. alessandro says:


    Great prices, huge variety, competent customer service. World wide shipping!

  53. Experience:

    I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Atlantic Cigar. I have been using them for the past several years, and have never been disappointed with any of the orders I have received from them. Ordering is quick and easy, their shipping is fast and reasonably priced, and their overall cigar prices are very competitive! But most importantly, the cigars have always arrived in excellent condition. Customer service has been quick to respond the few times I’ve had to use them. They really are my go-to place for all my non-Cuban cigar needs!!

  54. Experience:

    Don’t bother buying from Australia. They advised me to put in a smaller order after my first order was picked up at customs, telling me smaller parcels are more likely to get through. Then they sent the order in a large box anyway which was picked up at customs again. Afterwards they told me they don’t stock smaller parcel boxes. They also told me the success rate of getting through Australian customs is about 80-85%, a complete lie from my experience of 0%. Don’t trust them, they don’t care about their customers.

  55. Don John says:


    Last order arrived with WAY overhumidified cigars starting to show mold. Contacted them and got the typical “It’s plume” runaround. Also, their site was hacked with all customer data stolen. Does not inspire confidence! You gotta figure there’s a reason they’re cheaper than most…

  56. The Chairman says:


    I love dealing with these guys. I’ve had a number of great experiences such as delivery of cigars in great condition. Love the different options for shipping. Very prompt. I live up in Canada and although there is the exchange rate, the cigars I’ve ordered and received have been top notch. Very happy and satisfied customer here.

  57. Experience:

    Received most recent order this week at my hotel down in SC. Have ordered 3 times so far this year (10X since 2016). Always priced well, always shipped quickly, always packed well, always good condition. The one time when they missed a free promotional pack of cigars they made sure it was with my next order. Completely satisfied and will continue to use Atlantic. Keep up the good work!

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