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  1. Mike-J
    July 19, 2011

    i also enjoy it in the double chateau

  2. YelleN
    August 1, 2011

    I was looking form a cheap smoke that I could find in Switzerland, the capital of Cuban cigars. If it isn’t Cuban, it is almost a novelty item cigar. The price of cheap smokes in Geneva (switzerland) is around 8-9 USD… Yeah that it! The cheapest shop I have found is hidden on the 5th floor of a little passage in the main shopping street, http://www.gestocigars.ch They have the best service you can find. The offer you free cigar cutters, punchers, lighters and matches on any purchase, even on a single cigar. Try to beat that.

    The Appearance: 4 Stars
    While the cigar looked a bit veiny and edgy with a few white spots, it was spongy and full of tobacco. I remember saying to my self “Let’s not judge the book by it’s cover”. I cut mine with a puncher and the draw was perfect.

    Flavors: 4 Stars:
    I only got a small amount of smell from the foot, a light coffee was the only thing I managed to discern. Lighting the cigar was a big improvement. The coffee beans were amplified with some peppery spice. A smooth smoke was emanating from this ugly looking stick. The first third was nice and spicy with plentiful creaminess and sweetness in the smoke. This is a great start for a low cost cigar. The second half, mellowed down the pepper and left a little spiciness with the coffee flavor. The sweet flavors were still present with the creamy texture on the palate. The last third was not as rich in taste as I would have hoped. I was constantly telling myself to put it down. The stick was almost tasteless at this point. Yes there was hints of this and that, but so few that smoking it had no meaning.

    Value: 4.5 Stars
    It’s a nice smoke, with richness on the first and second third. I enjoyed the little bugger, even with the downside of the last third. I only purchased two to give it a try, bur the next day I returned to grab 3 more. I’ll let one or two to see how they get with a little more time in the humidor. Give it a try.

  3. Mobarbq
    August 2, 2011

    Good luck, Lloyd! That is indeed a good stick.

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