Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Fuente Natural

Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Fuente Natural
Arturo Fuente
Origin : Dominican Republic
Format : Robusto/Toro
Size : 171 x 20 mm
Ring : 50
Weight : N/A
Price : ~$120 for a box of 20
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Let's go on with this beautiful Toro. The Double Chateau is a delicious medium-bodied smoke that will provide you with pleasurable after-dinner 90 minutes.

Appearance : ★★★★★
Double Chateau Fuente come in a cedar sleeve. I don't know whether it adds anything to the flavor, but it sure looks good. Inside, you find a beautiful vitola that has the Fuente brand appearance (you noticed that I liked Fuente appearance, didn't you?).

Construction : ★★★★☆
Very neat and clean wrapper with a carefully applied cap. There were a few veins standing out which didn't affect overall quality. Easy lighting and draw, the burn was just as good, unlike the Churchills.

Flavor : ★★★★½
The first third can often turn out to be disappointing, but keep smoking. The flavors will get more complex and you'll be experiencing an interesting bouquet of spice and wood scents, along with hints of vanilla and cocoa. In the last third, it gets stronger but no less flavorful and enjoyable.

Value : ★★★★½
Possibly one of the best bargains for medium-bodied mild cigars out there.

Overall Rating : ★★★★½
Enjoyable for the novice and for the experienced smokers. Prepare some place in your humidor for these. I am a big Fuente fan and this is another great one.

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10 Comments on “Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Fuente Natural”

  1. RobustoCharles says:

    This cigar was the best. It was one of those that you really just couldn’t seem to let go of until your fingers and lips were singed. Great smoke!

  2. My experience with these is not very exciting. Smoked three and found them rather bland. Probably was just my bad luck.

  3. AudioFileZ says:

    This is, for lack of better terminology, a nicely balanced cigar on the mild side. Unlike Macanudos which, IMHO, are one dimensional and therefore not greatly interesting…This one has an array of flavors even if they do seem light. It’s a nice clean smoke that is fairly consistent too.

    Try the Sungrown for a bit more lively smoke. It’s noticeably stronger though still quite smooth.

  4. A very solid smoke and very consistent. Every one I have smoked has had impeccable construction. It is a little mild, but good for a midday cigar.

  5. Saint Jimbob says:

    The basic Fuente blend is no powerhouse, but it’s got a decent flavor and is as dependable as they come, in both flavor and construction.

  6. I got one of these in a sampler recently. I may gift it to a mild-medium fan i know.

  7. The look and construction as well as the time limit fit in well also during or after a round of golf—

  8. Got a free travel humidor with 10 of these packed inside. A very tasty smoke. Medium with lots of smoke. I never met a Fuente I didn’t like. So far.

  9. great smoke, sweet tip, develops nicely. a must try…

  10. Good taste,good construction and balanced

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