Arganese Connecticut Chairman Torpedo

Arganese Connecticut Chairman Torpedo
Arganese Cigars
Origin : Dominican Republic
Format : Torpedo
Size : 156 x 21 mm
Ring : 52
Wrapper : Connecticut shade Ecuador
Binder : Indonesia
Filler : Dominican Republic
Price : ~$175 for a box of 25 (RRP)
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Arganese Connecticut Chairman is a decent Torpedo. I have smoked cigars that were twice more expensive, yet provided the same satisfaction (for example, Vegas Robaina Unicos).

Appearance : ★★★★½
I pretty much liked the way this Torpedo looked. There were no apparent issues with the wrapper.
Construction : ★★★★☆
Slightly tight draw, I noticed that this was common to all cigars in the Arganese Torpedo line. It burned slowly and evenly, without totally dying out yet requiring regular puffs.

Flavor : ★★★★☆
This medium-bodied cigar started out hesitantly and it was pretty hard to decipher any particular flavors. After a few minutes, light creamy scents of coffee/vanilla began to appear in crescendo. The second third was mainly leathery and the finish provided me with pleasant cedar notes.

Value : ★★★½☆
Not sure if I would actually buy this cigar. Since I'm not really fond of Torpedos, I would rather go for the Arganese petit corona, which was a better smoking experience.

Overall Rating : ★★★★☆
I think this one was too light for me. However, I must say that the flavors were interesting and the Arganese Connecticut Chairman Torpedo might be a very good cigar to start a day with.

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6 Comments on “Arganese Connecticut Chairman Torpedo”

  1. JL Graham says:

    I agree for the most part. This was an enjoyable smoke, a bit on the light side. I did experience a run on one side in regards to the burn, but it was only once and was likely a fluke. Still, for the price, you would expect quality constantly.

  2. This cigar didn’t really do anything for me. There just wasn’t enough to it to make me want to buy more.

  3. Same here I did not care to much for these–sorry!

  4. I have tried a few of their cigars and each one left the impression of mediocre at best. I usually pass them off in trades because they just don’t have enough complexity or taste to be taken seriously. Just being honest here.

  5. Good review. The only thing that can really be a drawback for this cigar is a frequent draw problem.

  6. bruiserstone says:

    I have 4 boxes of maduro petit corona from Arganese. I intend to toss them in the trash, they are the worst smokes ever. I got them on sale and was dumb enough to trust their puffery in their ad.

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