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Based in : USA
Online Since : 1998
Rating : 158 ( : 180, : 22)
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Description (provided by the retailer) : Absolutecigars.com specialize in worldwide delivery of premium Non-Cuban cigars. We are a fully licensed tobacconist and members of the IPCPR. We have customers all over the world and guarantee delivery to every corner of the globe. We carry hundreds of cigar brands and a massive range of cigar accessories, cigar clothing and cigar art.

217 Comments on “Absolute Cigars”

  1. Experience: Neutral

    Customer service is always very attentive with e-mail and phone contact.

  2. Experience: Neutral

    Massive shipping delays & a word to the wise – find someone else to deal with.

  3. Experience:

    Placed an order in early July. After three phone calls, I still don’t know why order has not been shipped. Never again.

  4. Experience:

    I had no problems in my previous orders, to be honest. But, it’s been 16 days now since my last order, I send emails 3 times, called customer service twice: no replies, no answers, nothing…

  5. Experience:

    I’ve had only good experiences with Absolute Cigars. I look for their weekly specials, which provide some of the best prices around. Shipping has been quick and reliable.

  6. Experience:

    Just traded emails with “Mike” at Absolute Cigars. My 3rd order from them. They have yet to ship in a timely manner. They have backed out of their Delivery Guarantee. Worst yet, I was told by “Mike’ who seems to be the only employee (every email and phone call has been with Mike)I should take my business elswhere if I don’t like their shipping procedures. Will never use them again

  7. Rogerio Z says:


    I ordered from Brazil, I sent 2 emails about my order and NO response. After 30 days ordering I receive my cigars here in Brazil. The box was not sealed in vacuum, but sealed with factory seal. Althought I happy to receive here in Brazil!

  8. SmokinWheelzzz says:


    Just received the first half of an order with Absolute. They stated they had shipped about 9-10 days before they actually did ship, but everything so far has arrived without problems and the tracking for the second half of the order says it should be here tomorrow. Overall turnaround, about 3 weeks. Will enjoy the Cohiba Secretos and H. Upmann Corona Juniors. Hard to complain!

  9. Dominique says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Placed two orders more than a month ago and I never received it . Never again !!!!!

    Update (Mar 25 2011) Finaly received one of them !!!!!

  10. Sfingerman says:


    I placed an order on May 9. Received an e-mail saying they were out of stock but should be receiving them in approximately 2 weeks. I still haven’t received my order. I have sent 3 e-mails with no response and left 2 voice mails with customer service with no response. Any suggestions.

  11. Experience:

    I have placed several orders for non-cubans over the past year. The quality of the cigars has been excellent. Yes, shipping was a bit slow, but I time my order placement so that I can expect my new shipment just as I run out. I have contacted customer service both via email and phone on occasion, and have found them to be prompt and courteous.

  12. Lithuanian_ says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Cigar variety: 4 out of 5
    Cigar quality: 4 out of 5
    Cigar delivery:2 out of 5 (got some freebies for delivery delay…_twice_)
    Overall, if they could improve their delivery timelines would be great!

  13. Experience:

    I’ve been dealing with Mike at Absolute for about 4 years now. While yes, there have been cases of delays in shipping (many times more to blame on the vagarities of international postal carriers than anything else) I’ve never yet had a problem of getting Mike via phone and he has always been very attentive and helpful. Honestly, I’m kind of surprised at some of the comments here, doesn’t sound like the same company I’ve been buying from.

  14. davewalker says:


    I’ve been dealing with Absolute for over a year now, and I’ve had nothing but excellent service from them…Mike in particular. Any issues were promptly dealt with with quick e-mail replies. Excellent customer service and great product!

  15. Mchawaii says:


    These guys are great. I have never had a problem and I have been ordering from them for years. Shipping is slow but from them to me is 6000 miles. I put on an extra two weeks and just sit and enjoy when the beauties come. They have great deals and they are the real deal. Some of the other comments sound very suspicious!

  16. real60 says:


    It was my first experience with AbsoluteCigars and it was a very positive one. The service and the shipping procedure were excellent .My cigars arrived in perfect conditions. They will be my new cigars supplier.

  17. Experience:

    Ive been dealing with Mike for over ten years and he is excellent. Sometime shipping does take longer, especially shipping to Canada, but i have always got my cigars.

  18. Experience:

    Mike took care of my concerns very quickly and has made a customer for life Thank you Mike

  19. Experience:

    Fantastic communication from the Guys at Absolute Cigars. For an overseas buyer, the postage was fast, my cigars always arrive in excellent condition, and pricing is more than affordable Thanks Guys, Great Work..

  20. Experience:

    Wow, I was so happy with everything about this site. The cost, the speed of delivery and the products. I am in Australia and it took less that 1.5 weeks for the items to arrive in perfect condition. I have since made several other orders and have not had any issues. Thanks guys for a excellent experience.

  21. Experience:

    I have not received my product from them yet and have sent three inquiries without response thus far. I can tolerate delays but not being ignored. Absolutely no excuse from a business to ignore their customers after receiving payment for late/undelivered goods. Am looking for another online cigar vendor.

  22. Irishsmoke says:


    I Ordered for the first time two weeks ago, and i found everything, from ordering, shipping and packaging etc.. was excellent. It only took 7 days to arrive to Ireland. The cigars are in top condition. I will use again for all my Non-Cuban smokes. Thanks to Mike for the great service!

  23. Experience:

    waited one month for my order but worth the wait.cigars well packeged and great smokes

  24. Experience:

    -convenience of ordering 100%
    -customer service 100% (Mike )
    -shipping to Canada’s west coast 100% (9-days)
    -packaging 95%- great packaging, but I would have liked to option to pay an extra buck or two to have the cigars placed in a baggie with a humi-pac for it’s long journey.

  25. Ontarian says:


    I placed my order 3 weeks ago and haven’t received it. I also submitted an order to a California company and received the cigars within a week. The California company had twice the distance to ship so I don’t think Absolute is sending cigars when the order is placed. If it is an issue of stock then the website should announce cigars that are currently out of stock so that the buyer can look elsewhere.

    This is my first order, and one thing is certain. These guys are not concerned about first impressions. Hopefully soon I can comment on the quality of the cigars

    Update My cigars have arrived and look good. I was also contacted by Mike and he clarified that the late delivery was due to stock issues. He also offered to cover my 180.00 order free of charge. I declined the free offer however it has changed my first opinion and I would recommend Absolute to anyone looking. Keep in mind that shipping delays may be possible on your orders but they will arrive.

  26. Experience:

    Getting married in one week. Ordered some cigars (twice) over two weeks ago thinking that would be enough time to get them to Australia. But as yet no word on when they will be shipped. Or even any payment taken out of my account. Emailed twice with no response. Very disappointed with the service. I wonder if they will turn up by the time we celebrate our first born!!

  27. Lee West says:


    I have been a customer with Absolute Cigars for a few years. The have good communications when you place an order and let you know when they ship your order. They have quick shipping and the packaging is good. I would definitely recommend them for purchasing cigars!

  28. Experience:

    Ordered cigars on June 4th, got an email it was sent on June 12th (8 days later!). When I got my tracking number it never left until June 20th! I needed these cigars for an event on July 5th and I am not going to get them. Read the rest of the reviews here clearly one man business with no real focus or service.

  29. Experience:

    I order a box of Non-Cubans to be delivered to Canada. I received them in 10 business days, and there was no duty. Will defiantly be ordering from them again!

  30. Cyberstan says:


    Placed first (and last) order with this company. Spent almost $300 for assorted samplers and a bundle. Out of the 11 ‘Premium Coronas’ sampler pack ordered, I received only 3 as advertised, the rest were certainly not of ‘equal or greater value’. I was charged almost $30 for Express shipping, which took 3 weeks to arrive..??!

    I am neither impressed with what I received nor pleased with the slow delivery….too bad Amazon doesn’t sell cigars, I would have received them within 3 days! (lol).

  31. Richard from Nova Scotia says:


    I have nothing but very great things to say about this company. I always deal with a very pleasant man named Mike (Who i believe is the owner)? He has always given me advice or recommendations, etc or answer any questions that I may have regarding cigars in general ( Even if it has nothing to do with my orders) He makes my orders feel very personal, and i feel like I am a valued customer and not just a number to him. As for the Quality of the Cigars which i have received so far. I honestly don’t think that i could even hand pick from a local boutique shop myself , cigars that are of that quality and freshness in which I have received from them so far! My most recent order just arrived this morning, and it only took 6 days from the day that i ordered to arrive at my home in Nova Scotia, CANADA. That’s as fast as it gets in my book. I also found a wonderful surprise in my package and that was a free cigar of great quality. This was perfect because it made up for the current exchange rate here in Canada… I will be a customer for life, and i just placed another order today also.. I will recommend this company to anyone!!!

  32. Experience: Neutral

    I leave messages but no return call. No response from e-mail I sent.
    I was glad to have the reviews available I wasn’t as concerned when I found so many other people were having problems with delivery and
    service from absolute cigrs.

  33. Experience:

    I placed an order on September 24, 2014, and waited until this past week to ascertain the status of my order. I called on three days and left a message on the answering machine, and followed-up two of my calls with emails, without receiving either an email acknowledgement or return call. If the company is not interested in my business, I will shop elsewhere.

  34. Experience:

    I ordered3 weeks ago, still have not recieved anything. Called, emailed and no reply.
    Wish I would have read these reviews before ordering from them

  35. Experience:

    Company was very professional and on time with my delivery. They even threw in a free cigar and matches ! I plan on oerdering from them in the near future.

  36. michel schryer says:


    I always order my cigars from absolutecigars.com. and so far I am satisfied with the service and it’s the only web site I use. No It’s not perfect but what is. There as been few hiccups with the shipping time but it’s not possible to control the mailing service. Stuff get stuck at the customs, no control over that. When there was issues with the shipping Mike always corrected it right away. Being in Canada It’s hard to get very good cheap cigars at that price.I will keep using Absolutecigars.com,thanks !

  37. Len Oberman says:


    I have been waiting for 6 weeks for my order which has been paid for and still not delivered, they don’t return phone calls or emails. Very poor service.

  38. Experience: Neutral

    I placed my first and last order with Absolute Cigars 5 calls and 4 emails and no reply.Why Mike would you not contact a customer all I want to know is the tracking number for my order.This is not how you treat people worst of all a customer never been treated like this before so Mike if you read this please stop go and read your emails and reply in some way to your customers.

  39. Experience:

    Very happy with dave and crew excellent customer support and cigars shipped promptly and arrived fresh in australia I will continue to use absolute cigars for all my needs from now on

  40. Experience:

    I had a hard time trying to find a company that would give me the confidence to ship cigars and a humidor and other accessories international. I was very pleased to find Absolute Cigars. Amazing customer service! They helped me put together a nice order of cigars and gave me the confidence I needed to make such a large order to be shipped internationally. Everything arrived, packaged extremely well. I wish all companies would have such top-notch customer service! You have a customer for life, thank you!

  41. K Randall says:


    Cannot recommend these guys highly enough. Excellent customer service & efficient worldwide despatch of quality cigars. You can order from a wonderful choice of cigars for worldwide guaranteed delivery. What’s not to like?

    Update (Jul 7 2015) Another great cigar shopping experience from the guys at Absolute Cigars. Prompt dispatch & my cigars arrived in top condition supported by Boveda packs. Their choice & prices are unbeatable. If you enjoy good cigars, good value & good service then no point in buying elsewhere. Enjoy.

    Update #2 (Jul 28 2015) I have only ever had great service from Absolute Cigars. I live in the U.K. & I don’t consider around 2 weeks dispatch time to be excessive, especially as most U.S. cigar websites wimp out of International Shipping.

    The only time I felt the need to contact Dave regarding late dispatch there was an issue regarding the availability of the size I ordered. He offered me an upgrade to a longer cigar of the same brand at a very reasonable price & threw in a couple of delicious freebies as well. This issue was sorted in less than half an hour via an email chat session.

    My cigars always arrive in tip-top condition & are great value. What’s not to like. I no longer source any cigars in rip-off UK.

  42. Experience:

    Placed an order 2 weeks ago and it is still listed as queued. I have emailed twice for an update and possible ETA with no response. I have phoned twice to hear that if you need immediate assistance please email us, I have left messages and no response. IMHO customer service is terrible. I will be very curious to see if I ever receive my order, no matter, there will not be a second.

  43. Dave at AC says:


    Honestly guys, this is a tad harsh. We alerted the customer to a temporary back order situation on the bundle he had ordered. We apologized for the delay and hassle, and the customer has now said in fact that he will order from us again. In terms of communication, we are available via email, Toll free phone, and social media. In this case we did have email issues and did miss an email from the customer, but responded within seconds to his Facebook message, and resolved the issue.

  44. Experience: Neutral

    In the interest of complete transparency, below it the complete conversation on Facebook:

    To AC:

    Does anyone ever check the phone messages and emails? I have left at least one phone message and 4 emails in regards to an order over two weeks ago that still just shows queued. My last email is a request to cancel the order.

    From AC:

    Hi Jeff – I do apologize. We had emailed you upon receipt of your order as to a back-order situation on this item (basically – did you want to wait or change the order or cancel until in stock?). I apologize that our email did not get to you. We have been experiencing some difficulties with our email server in sending email to gmail accounts in the last few weeks, and we’re trying to solve this. Still, such a long back order situation is not accceptable and we’re very sorry. We appreciate you reaching our via Facebook, and hope we can try again at some point in the future. Please feel free to write back via Facebook with any further questions or comments. We try to learn from all feedback, positive or negative. I know this doesn’t help you, but if we get a chance to do better next time we will most certainly add some value to your order to make up for your frustration. Best regards, Mike at Absolute Cigars.

    To AC:

    I do appreciate the reply here. The best feedback that I can give you is to return phone calls then, or have someone actually answering them rather than a message. At some time in the very near future I will change my email address to one that is not a gmail account and will attempt another order. Again, thank you for the reply here and I will give it one more shot in the very near future.

    To be clear, your alert to the back order situtation did not reach me, either in my inbox or my spam folder. As stated above, phone communication needs to be turned up a notch, don’t depend on email working properly, a personal one on one touch goes a long way to satisfying customers.

    I do appreciate the reply on FB and I have changed my email and I am considering a second order.



  45. Dave at AC says:

    Experience: Neutral

    To close out our comments as to Jeff B’s negative experience:

    Any small retailer, like us, will agree, we work hard to be perfect, but from time to time, a mistakes happen. All we can do when this happens is try to go above and beyond in our response to a bad experience and at the very least try to make the customer happy. We did try in this case. As I said before, once we solved our communication issue, we absolutely acknowledged falling short on this one; were polite and cordial; offered free goods; and sincere apologies.

    We’re a Mom & Pop, with a small hard-working staff, and unlike the huge corporate guys, we don’t have legions of very nice older ladies taking orders in a call center, or an automated system packing orders off a conveyor belt. Those retail giants ARE perfect. We are not. What we DO have, unlike the massive retailers is a willingness to ship internationally – they simply don’t need the business; won’t bother themselves to handle the paperwork; figure out the shipping; or take the loss risk – whereas we will, and even guarantee delivery. We’re the only retailer that does so internationally. Our many, many fans in Canada really appreciate this and know that we usually get it right, and on the rare occasion that we don’t, they know we’ll make it right for them.

  46. Experience:

    Dave, I do thank you for the posts and reaching out to me via FB and this forum. I have not forgotten about your offer to make it right and I do intend on taking you up on it. I would like nothing better than to post an amendment to my above post and give you a glowing review.

    I thank you for your time and commitment to righting this unfortunate misunderstanding.



  47. Experience:

    Love this Place….Good quality and fast service. I would recommend this company.

  48. Patrick W says:


    Outstanding in all regards. Great shipping and quick turnaround.
    I will be a return customer

  49. Jeff the Canuck says:


    Was worried after reading some of the posts, but had an awesome experience. Order filled and cigars arrived within 10 days. Email provided tracking numbers so I could follow the progress of my cigars from USA to Canada. Extremely happy!!

  50. Experience:


    The only company who agrees to ship Internationaly.

    They responded to all my questions by mail under 24hrs and were very pleasant.

    Order, processing and delivery were done within 3 weeks and the packaging was perfect.

    Definitely recommend.

  51. Experience:

    Despite the communication problems on email, I had good contact after a few days and he has answered all my questions. Cigars are very good quality. I will buy from this company again because I now know the company :)

  52. Experience:

    I wish I had seen this site before I ever attempted to order from Absolute Cigars. This company is a joke and a nightmare to deal with. I placed my order two weeks ago and since then have sent 3 emails and called 8 times about my order. Every time I log in it’s status says “queued”. No one answers emails here or will pick up the phone. I am going to seek out a real company to do do business with as Absolute Cigars seems to be out of business

  53. Experience:

    Received my cigars yesterday from Absolute Cigars. They came in less than a week. Ordered two boxes,cigars were in perfect condition. I don’t have anything negative to say about them and will definitely be ordering from them again soon. Thanks Mike at Absolute Cigars for exceptional customer service!

  54. Experience:

    Ordered over 3 weeks ago, order still queued. No reply to emails either.
    I had one other order with them that arrived 3 weeks late with an apology, so I decided to give them another chance. Their prices are pretty good after all.
    A bit of communication would go a long way.
    I won’t be using them again.

  55. Experience: Neutral

    Pros: Good packaging, with Boveda packs, and cigars arrive in good condition.

    Cons: Long shipping delays, no email confirmation of the order being received. No stealth international shipping.

  56. Experience:

    I placed an order for the first time with Absolute Cigars and was a bit nervous because I am from Western Australia. ( Long distance ) Once the order was taken, I had a tracking number emailed to me along with the payment invoice.
    I was able to track the items all the way with ease.
    The packing and quality of Cigars I purchased were excellent. I love the variety of Cigar they offer, normally not available here in Australia. All the Cigars arrived on time, even through the busy Christmas rush. The pricing of Cigars and postage was very reasonable.
    I would recommend Absolute Cigars to anyone. I do a lot of online buying and have found them to be just as good, if not better than any other company.
    I was very pleased with my dealings with Absolute Cigars and look forward to my next order with them in complete confidence, defiantly not nervous any more.

  57. Experience:

    Once again, OUTSTANDING. Shipping faster than ever and the packaging second to none. I am definitely telling others about Absolute.

  58. Thomas Wills says:


    I’ve ordered from absolutecigars.com twice now, and have had nothing but great service from them. Upon placing my orders, I was told it could take up to a month to receive my package in the mail (I’m in Canada). Both times I received them within 2 weeks. I was also provided up to date tracking info, which is a sweet bonus. I will definitely be purchasing from absolute cigars in the future! Amazing prices and they carry pretty much every cigar you could want. 10/10 give these guys a chance. You will not be disappointed!

  59. Experience:

    It was my first order, but wont be the last.
    i recieved my order within 2 weeks ( it’s so good if you think i’m living in Turkey).
    Package was quite good.Price was good too.

  60. Joey Dicaprio says:


    Honestly can’t get better then absolute cigars! Guaranteed satisfaction! From Montreal ordered 5 times got myself top quality fresh cigars! Mike hooks it up! Keep it up guys! I recommend to Anyone these guys are the real deal! Cheers! Can’t wait for my next stoggies!!!

  61. Experience:

    I ordered my first batch of 5 Rocky Patel 1990 from Absolute Cigar. They arrived way sooner than I anticipated and I am in Canada! They came nicely packaged and in perfect condition. I was a little skeptical at first by ordering online since I usually like to inspect the cigars before I buy them but the price point was very appealing so I thought I’d give it a shot. Put it this way, this is my new supplier of cigars! The whole transaction was seamless and I was able to track the shipment. Definitely a repeat customer here!

  62. Bohdank Kiszczuk says:


    Also in Montreal.

    12 orders since March last year. Had a problem with the very first one. No fault of AC. Package was delivered but not to me, so lost. Mike didn’t bat an eye. Sent a replacement box at no cost.

    By the way. just received my last order today. An Alec Bradley Black Market Perfecto was thrown in as a bonus.

    I cannot recommend AC and Mike more highly. Guaranteed delivery means just that.

  63. dean davies says:


    I have been purchasing cigars and cigar accessories from absolutecigars.com for a few years now and have never had a problem. As i live in Australia shipping was a little slow 5 years ago but now it’s only a matter of a week or two. Always a pleasure. And the small gifts of matches or surprise cigar is excellent.

  64. Experience:

    I have don lots of transactions with them. These guys now what they are doing. From the site to the customer service. All stages of the procedures are handled with care. I can easily say that they are my #1 supplier of cigars. And they ship overseas without any problems which is a very good perk.
    To make long story short. These guys are good.

    On behalf of you guys I would like to thank them again.

    Thx a lot Absolute Cigars

  65. Experience:

    Have bought cigars from them for over two years now and have always had good service, had a problem once and they were very helpful in making it right. Keep up the good work.

  66. Experience: Neutral

    Unfortunately, some US retailers (quite understandably) do not want to deal with selling and shipping to the UK. However, with absolute cigars this is not a problem. I have ordered twice from them now and delivery is always very fast. Thoroughly recommended.

  67. wayne challis says:


    Very quick service, just over a week to Canada, and well packaged.

  68. Alan Spiers says:


    Felt the need to leave this review. After having 5+ orders with this company I have nothing but good things to say. Every order I have made has been dispatched and arrived in the UK in excellent time. Can’t rate this company highly enough and look forward to my future dealings with them.

  69. Experience:

    I have had two orders with this company. I have nothing but good things to say about them. The orders arrived within 2 weeks to Australia. I am looking forward to ordering with them again soon.

  70. Experience:

    Twice i have ordered with no hassles into New Zealand, product always arrives in perfect condition and in a timely manner. Highly reccomended.

  71. Experience:

    I owe Mike Granger an apology for earlier comments. I just received an order that I placed a week ago. Communication through facebook was excellent and delivery and service was top notch! Second order is already enroute and can’t wait to place further orders with Absolute Cigar. Thank you Mike and gang, you have happy customer for life!


  72. Patrick Roach says:


    great cigars and good service. shipped on Feb 5th, got here on the 19th. as a complaint, they were very dry when they got here, going to take a few weeks to re-hydrate.

  73. Experience:

    I’m in Melbourne Australia, and I have just placed my Fourth order. I have had absolutely no issues and the cigars were well packaged and arrived fresh. I will continue to order from absolute cigars.

  74. Experience:

    I have received my second order without any problem. Thanks for the high quality service.

  75. Experience:

    I have been buying from Absolute Cigars for over 10 years now. Primarily the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990s, but I’ve also enjoyed several other brands. I purchase cigars several times a year, and have never been less than completely satisfied. Great product, great price, great service; who could ask for anything more?

  76. Experience:

    Another happy buyer from Melbourne, Australia!

    Humidor and cigars arrived in perfect condition within three weeks of placing the order. They even threw in a complimentary pack of matches – very nice touch.

    Definitely will buy from Absolute Cigars again.

  77. Experience:

    I have received my Montechristo Platinums in fine condition less than two weeks after ordering. I am in Australia and I am very impressed with the speed. I am also greatful for the sample El Ray del Mundo and the cigar matches they gifted me with. Absolute Cigars have created a permanent customer in me.

  78. Experience:

    I have been ordering cigars from Absolute now for more than 2 years. Have never had any issues when it comes to my orders, they have always been delivered in perfect condition. I also appreciate the complimentary matches and in some instances an additional stick.

  79. motionsick says:


    Nice selection, prices slightly higher than some places but every shipment is securely packed and includes with a Boveda humi-pak for each bagged set of cigars and were good to smoke as soon as they arrived.

    Processing took a few extra days to ship to Canada but had no problems, shipped with full tracking info (USPS/Canpost).

  80. Graham Hope says:


    I have been dealing with these guys for over 2 years now and they are absolutely ( no pun intended ) great to deal with. My orders have been received in a timely manner and if a phone call has been necessary the issue has been promptly dealt with
    Awesome… keep up the good work.. I love my Don Tomas cigars….I often get a bonus cigar too…..

  81. Patrick Walsh says:


    I must be up to about 10 orders now (recently ordered three times within a week; one order has arrived and I’m watching the progress of the other two as they make their way here). NOTHING BUT POSITIVE COMMENTS. Can’t say enough. Keep it up!

  82. Experience:

    Awesome!!! used these guys a few times now. Orders have been packed well, even scored the odd bonus cigar. They ship to Australia for me and I have received all my orders within 10 days. Can highly recommend.

  83. Experience:

    I’m very glad I chose Absolute Cigars, great prices, great variety, awesome service.
    I’ll definitely be using their services again (and again).

  84. chowdown says:


    I’ve ordered from these guys a few times now and each time I’ve been happy. Prices are good, and shipping is reasonable (up to Canada) and I’ve never had a problem!

    Boxes or sets of cigars are all shipped with humipak(s) to keep them fresh, which can important when things can sit in the post for days.

    Last box they even included a nice bonus cigar.

  85. Experience:

    I’m a customer for life now.

    To my fellow Canadians…don’t look elsewhere.

    Shipped in a very timely fashion, rec’d earlier than expected. Upon opening my box of beliscos I was actually really surprise with how well it was packed. They obviously mean it when they indicate that your sticks will arrive in great shape.

    ….and I didn’t get dinged with import taxes, so I’m massively pleased with that!

    Canadians – these are your guys.

    Absolute Cigar – I’m a customer for life now

  86. Experience:

    Just received the last of several orders I’ve made recently, again at warp speed.
    Packaging second to none. And as remarked on above, this order even included a bonus cigar. THANKS SO MUCH!
    I am definitely passing the word around about Absolute Cigars.

    Ottawa, Canada

  87. Experience: Neutral

    Received my cigars today in record time. They included a bonus cigar as well…Unbelievable customer service! Highly recommended for everyone. I will be using absolute cigars again and again…Thank u!

    Toronto, Canada

  88. Experience:

    Just revived my first purchase from absolute cigars! I was “absolutely” over joyed with the experience! My cigars where fresh and packaged to perfection with no damage on the long trip to Alberta Canada! I’m am and will be forever an absolute cigars customer! And I will tell everyone I know to go to absolute for there cigar needs! Two thumbs up for absolute absolutely!

  89. Patrick W says:


    Another perfect buying experience. Keep it up!

    Patrick W
    Ottawa Canada

  90. Experience:

    This was my first time ordering from Absolute Cigars and I am very happy with everything. Cigars arrived in 6 days with a great bonus cigar (premium) and good packaging. I will continue to be a customer.

    Keep up the good work


  91. Experience:

    Just received my shipment(6th or 7th).As usual timely and in perfect condition.I agree with the previous reviews that Absolute Cigars is the best option for hassle-free(and duty-free) ordering from the U.S.If I have any complaint it would be that when I’m in the mood for a quick smoke(coffee break) I like to have an Al Capone filtered sweets and they don’t sell them.Keep up the quality service guys.

  92. CigarBiter says:


    Ordered twice from overseas. I will order more in the future. Thanks.

  93. Experience:

    It’s the first time i’ve ordered from them even though I have read some negative comments i ordered anyway, Absolute Cigars seemed reliable to me. they shipped within 4 days(which is reasonable) with a trackin number. The cigars arrived very well packaged, fresh and with a gift cigar. They have a great deal of cigars available with fair prices, It wont be the last time i’m ordering from Absolute Cigars and i would recommend them to any cigar lover anywhere in the world!

    Cheers from Quebec/Canada

  94. Experience:

    I buy from absolute cigars.com and could not be happier. Very professional and fast impeccable service as always. Will never buy from any other cigar website because no other site can duplicate the excellent service that they provide. They are a true sign that world class customer service is still alive and well. They even sent me an additional cigar with my order.

  95. Experience:

    7 days door to door from Virginia USA to Melbourne Australia. Blew my mind on how quick i received the top 5 rated cigars sampler pack. Will report when i smoke them which will be very soon. Dealt with Dave via email and was very pleasant and very quick to answer. Well done guys.

  96. JC Morel says:


    Absolute Cigars have a great choice and an excellent after-sells service. Cigars shipped within 48hrs and arrived less than a week later, during which time their staff were very forthcoming with shipping details.

    Quebec City

  97. Gordon McGeary says:


    This has proven to be a very positive experience for me. I am based in Scotland and find some cigars impossible to find and this company has really helped me out. The speed of delivery has been amazing, 8 days from placing my order to them hitting my humidor! I highly recommend absolute-cigars. If you feel the need to check or verify if l know what l’m talking about please feel free to check my twitter feed @chaseyerself.
    10 out 10

    Update #1 (Jul 11 2016) I’ve just received another “supply drop” from absolute cigars and once again l’m extremely pleased with the service. Everything, from the choice of cigars to delivery has been first class. Delivery to Scotland has taken only 11 days and that included postal strikes and a holiday weekend! I’m already planning my next order. Keep it up. Highly recommended.

    Update #2 (Aug 1 2016) I have just received my 4th order from this company and can find nothing to complain about. The range of cigars on offer and the service they provide has meant l’ve had to purchase yet another humidor to store what is fast becoming the best selection of cigars in Scotland.
    Highly recommended.

    Update #3 (Oct 29 2016) I’ve been ordering from Absolute for a while now and always had excellent service, everything arrives in first class condition. The prices are very competitive. I”ve had a couple of delivery’s recently which have only taken 5 days, all the way to Scotland, and today l recieved another which was posted at 16.20pm on Tuesday and arrived 9.30am on Saturday! Thats the quickest yet. Keep up the great work!

  98. Experience:

    Great experience. Smooth process and very timely shipping. Keep up the great work!

  99. Patrick W says:


    Several orders in and I stick to my opinion that these guys are as reliable as they come. This last order was the fastest ever. No complaints at all

  100. Experience:

    Order for many years and I had very good service every time , ship fast and always at my door in Quebec

  101. Experience:

    I have been a customer of Absolut Cigars for over a year. I have placed 5 orders so far and would like to say that they have fast, reliable and efficient with their delivery. Their cigars are fresh and packed well. I strongly recommend them for international deliveries (I can vouch for Canada). Keep up the good work Dave. You have one happy camper up North:)

  102. Experience:

    From order date to delivery date, shipping took just one week across the continent and into Canada. Professional, exactly what I ordered, and smokin’ prices. Would be happy to order from again. 5 out of 5

  103. Experience: Neutral

    I feel I owe you an apology in that I was convinced that I had been conned by your company. The cigars took 5 weeks to arrive also I sent you 3 emails to which I received no reply. You can imagine my complete surprise when the cigars arrived, superbly packed and with a Boveda pack to keep the cigars fresh, most impressed. I will no doubt be ordering from you again. Thank you.

  104. Shane Flaherty says:


    i ordered cigars about a week ago and they arrived this morning in amazing condition , i could not believe the quality and the prompt delivery.

    why am i making a big deal about the timely delivery I LIVE IN IRELAND!!!!!

    thank you Dave so much, you have a customer for life…

  105. DemetriosMichalopoulos says:


    I have ordered twice from Absolute-Cigars and the orders shipped & delivered within 2 weeks. I live in Montreal, Canada and had no hassles with customs. Bonus, received free cigar with each order and they were packed with Boveda Packs.
    Fantastic Experience, will be ordering again and again. Thank you again.

  106. Dan Baranek says:


    I recently received my order of cigars, from Absolute Cigars. I could not be more pleased. The order was packaged very securely. All of the contents were in perfect condition. The extra cigar that they threw in was very nice. I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future.
    Dan : Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

  107. Experience: Neutral

    Came home today and my order has arrived early ;o)

    Great service, great cigars and great company!!!!

    Highly recommended.

  108. Dion Hertlein says:


    Got my order delivered to Alberta in just under two weeks, great product and it was packed well. Only comment I have is USPS delivers to Canada Post so when you look at the tracker online it indicates that through order has been delivered. Not the case for my order it followed a few days later delivered to my home by Canada Post. This wasn’t my first order and won’t be my last. Good job guys!

  109. Experience:

    I just received my order of cigar from Absolute Cigars,took one week from the day I ordered…pretty good!all the cigars seems to be in perfect condition.(boxs were sealed properly).BTW odered from Ottawa Canada.I will definitely order my cigar from them in the future.thanks for the curtesy cigar!

  110. Experience:

    Very good dealings with Absolute Cigar ,being Kamloops, BC, Canada …. my last order was here in 9 days ,very fast my others have been 14 days once processed. Packing and communication is flawless
    I am a very happy customer and will continue shopping with them
    Great work Absolute

  111. chris young says:


    Just letting you all know how thankful I am for the brilliant service that you provide you are always on time your team are to be congratulated on their work an your products are great in fact your the best I have dealt with so far ,and your small gift are a real treat when you open your package it’s like being a kid all over again lol

  112. Experience:

    Great service and reliable delivery
    I have been a customer for over 4 years and have always received my order to Montreal within 7 days

    Great work Absolute

  113. Experience:

    All in all, I am pleased with Absolute. I did try to call them three times with no answer. They did respond via email promptly though. Shipping and tracking was acceptable with no issues and relatively quick shipping to Calgary AB. Will buy from again as prices are excellent. Cigars arrived with humidity pack and were in a sealed(nailed shut) box. Cigars were nice.

  114. Randy in Bangkok says:


    This online retailer seems to get rather mixed reviews about its service. Although I’ve only placed a few orders, as an international customer, I’ve been quite pleased with Absolute’s consistent order fulfillment and delivery times. In some respects their service has been superior to my regular up-to-now, ‘go to’ online retailer. While the product range may not be as broad as other sites (who ship to Asia), I’ve added Absolute as another online retailer of choice. And I do appreciate that they periodically throw in a freebie cigar sample (unlike the others). Keep up the nice work Absolute, from a satisfied international customer!

  115. Experience:

    I just received my 2nd order from Absolute Cigars . It arrived in only 12 days, and is as good or better than my first order. I highly recommend them & will be ordering from them in the future. Keep up the excellent work.
    Dan from Canada

  116. Bill Kaza says:


    Overall prompt service and quick turn around. Only thing is possibly provide a registered mail service option, as I have had a package stolen once.
    Apart from that I will continue to shop from your website.


  117. Paul Kavanagh says:


    This was my first ever attempt to buy cigars on line. I hesitated for quite awhile before I hit the send button. I was very excited with the variety of brands and prices, most of all the staff were outstanding. At one time I lost the tracking of my cigars and all it took was one e-mail to Absolute Cigars and their staff had were back to me with the tracking info. The cigars are awesome and in great shape, I can’t Waite to smoke my first Gurkha Evil Goliath. Paul from Ontario Canaba

  118. Kristian Pedersen says:


    I ordered cigars for shipment to the UK and the service was excellent. The bundle of cigars was with me in about a week and I could follow the progress of the shipment online with USPS. Overall, it was a splendid experience and I cannot recommend Absolute Cigars enough. Well done, gentlemen !

  119. Experience:

    I have been buying cigars online from Absolute Cigars for around 18 months. I just received my latest order which was very easy to track, arrived in great condition and in good time. If you live in Australia give the guys at Absolute Cigars a try. Good prices and even better service, a very satisfied overseas customer.

    Steve D

  120. Experience:

    I have had nothing but exceptional service from Absolute Cigars from placement of my order to arrival in Australia . I have received personal contact , at times within hours on any information asked and such a willingness to assist is rare in any business today . My Cigars arrived within a week in perfect condition and very well packed with full tracking available from departure onwards . Awesome service .

  121. Experience:

    I’ve made many orders and each seems better and faster. In this case I’d placed an order for something that was out of stock (no big deal) but upon ordering something else it was en route within the hour AND included a bonus stick. Outstanding customer service

  122. Randall Beaudin says:


    Great cigars, Great price and speedy service + delivery.
    Always a pleasure!

  123. Experience:

    awesome experience. the cigars were in my mailbox in only 7 opening days and I live in Canada. They were in excellent condition at a perfect humidity level. will definitly do this again.

  124. Experience:

    These guys are the real deal. They keep the stock they say they have. Are super attentive on email. My cigars arrived in half the time that they quoted. As described and with perfect packaging and the ‘appropriate’ import wording to make the deal even sweeter, enuff said. I will now buy all my sticks from here and I will challenge any of the larger and less personal sites to get anywhere close to Absolutes customer service, honesty and above all, value. Absolute Cigars will impress you and I cannot recommend them enough. And NO I was not paid to give this review. I like to give credit where it is due. Rock on AC!

  125. Experience:

    Order shipped to my residence in Canada within 1.5 weeks, which is very fast for a package from the US. Cigar box was nicely packaged, and product was in great shape. Included was a bonus cigar, which was a nice surprise. I’d definitely order from Absolute Cigars again.

  126. Experience:

    There were some shipping issue early on, but they have corrected it quickly and for the past 5 shipments, it has been excellent! They’ve given me some extra cigars for my troubles and handled everything professionally.. Would be happy to continue doing business with them..

  127. Kristian Pedersen says:


    Another order from Absolute Cigars to me in Scotland, and again excellent service and great cigars. Always a pleasure to do business with. The service could not be better.

  128. Bill Cramer says:


    My first time ordering from your company and what a surprisingly great experience! You guys are fantastic!!! I received my order (overseas) in 8 days from date of order. Thank you so much! You have got yourself a customer for a very long time!

  129. Experience:

    I recently received my second order from Absolute cigars. Both orders arrived promptly and in excellent condition. Superb service so far and will definitely making it order number 3 in the near future.

  130. Experience:

    Another speedy seamless order to Ottawa Canada. I can’t say enough (and I’ve tried). I’ll be back !


  131. Experience:

    Nothing but good things to say. My order to Australia showed up 11 days ofter ordering and everything was spot on. My first experience has been a pleasure and I shall be ordering again.

  132. Experience:

    Both myself and friends have processed multiple ordered through Absolute Cigars with great results. Site is easy to use and selection is very good. Packaging is always very secure and all my orders have come with bovida pack. Shipping to Toronto was about 6 days.
    Look out for their specials…they good.

  133. Experience:

    My first time ordering from absolutecigar. it was great experience! I received my order (overseas) in 7days from date of order. Thank you so much!

  134. Experience:

    I’ve been using Absolute Cigars for about 3 years in a SE Asian country. After a shaky start, when a delivery seemed to get delayed for no immediate reason, I’ve had nothing but good experiences. I don’t order a lot but even so a couple of times I’ve asked by email for expediting of my international order (having run out of cigars!) and that was done very quickly indeed. They use USPS which means easy deliveries cos international courier deliveries create unnecessary hassles and costs. Very happy with the cigar quality and packing too. I always get fast responses to email requests. So all in all, a very positive review from me.

  135. Experience:

    I just received my first order today. Fast and very reliable service. My first order was small 5 pack cigar samplers just wanted to make sure I receive them without any problems. Now I can leave my second order without any hesitation. Keep up the good work guys.

  136. Experience:

    Hi people!

    As a Finnish cigar enthusiast I constantly battle with our fine countrys high cigar prices and VERY few retail shops, so I decided to try out the possibilities of internet ordering.

    While there are a ton of internet cigar shops, it turned out that only a handful of them actually ship cigars to Finland (propably something to do with our countrys customs system / taxation).

    After a LONG search I found Absolute Cigars and decided to try them out.

    The experience turned out to be like this:

    – I recieved a notification to my email for my purchase instantly, and that was followed in 45 minutes by a message that my cigars had been packed and sent to mail
    – after 3 hour I recieved an email that my cigars had been shipped with a code to follow their travels :)
    – precisely 7 days later I was enjoying the first puffs of my very own Flor De Las Antillas cigar with some Laphroaigh PX cask whiskey

    …so how did they do in my opinion, ABSOLUTELY GREAT! I can recommend them for everyone!

    Best regards: Tero N

  137. Experience:

    Just a quick message to Absolute Cigars to say thanks for such a quick and professional service, 5 days from purchase to delivery to the UK is unbelievable.
    So happy I’ve found these guys and can now have excellent cigars at a good price shipped to the UK.
    5 stars, well done.

    Chris, East Yorkshire

  138. Experience:

    Perfect service from Absolute Cigars. Quality product,prompt delivery to Australia, and zero fuss. The best supplier of cigars that I have used. I find the negative comments hard to believe based on the service I received and the prompt reply of my emails by Dave. I have recommended them to my cigar buddies and will use them in the future. Thanks guys.

  139. Experience:

    My second order with Absolute Cigars and as perfect as the first. Ordered the “Handmade Mega Sampler – 25 Premium cigars” to top up my humidor in time for Christmas. Took seven days to outback Oz, packaged to perfection and at a good price. Only one dilemma, don’t know which cigar to enjoy first, choice overload!! Thanks again guys.

  140. Experience:

    First time ordering from Absolute Cigar. Very pleased. The order of 15 cigars was filled and shipped quickly, and was I notified at each step. They arrived in Canada in the expected time frame and the cigars were well packaged, each pack having a small Boveda included. The cigars themselves were exactly as ordered and in good shape. Overall a great experience and I will be ordering again.
    Well done .

  141. Experience:

    Excellent service. I order 30 perimum cigars and they arrived without problems. This was my 5th order this year and as they say international delivery is really guaranty.
    Thanks again..

  142. Experience:

    Made several orders and despite overseas shipping, items have always arrived in a timely manner.

  143. Experience:

    Two fuss-free and efficient deliveries. Will continue to order from them in the future.

  144. Experience:

    What more can I add that I haven’t said before? Simply outstanding source for cigars: trustworthy and true to their word, my last order has proven beyond a doubt the integrity of Dave and AC. A replacement order for one that was lost by USPS (no fault of AC) just showed up as promised by Dave.
    Maje AC your source for cigars

    Ottawa Canada

  145. Greg Costen says:


    “Hi guys, I’m writing to say I have never been so impressed with customer service from a online cigar retailer as I am with your operation. I ordered yesterday and had my order shipped today-unheard of and with shipping rates a third of the other shops. I ordered something from M**** 12 days ago and it still has not shipped. When they do ship it will be $40.00! Thank you so much for doing the right thing by your customers.”
    Greg in Carberry, Manitoba

  146. Experience:

    Great selections, great prices and great service. I would highly recommend absolute cigars! Also, extremely fast shipping with attentive packaging.

  147. Experience:

    A second order was placed in mid December in hopes it arrived before Christmas and it did ! Again great service, great cigars. A repeat performance. Have a great New Years.


  148. Miss FRIZZLE says:


    Great service. Shipped items came in as I expected. Well packaged. Cigars are in perfect condition, no mold, no beetles, no worried. No duty shipped to Canada was the greatest of all! I will continue doing business with this company.

  149. François says:


    It was a first time for me by internet. But I am very satisfaying of my AbsoluteCigars order : well packaged in a neutral box with Boveda packs, short delivery time: just 7 days for Europe in Christmas period.
    A big Thank, I will definitely order again on your website.


  150. Steve Jamieson says:


    Excellent, efficient and rapid service to the UK. First class cigars from a first class retailer.

  151. Experience:

    I have made 3 orders now and each time my order was processed quickly. I received my cigars in good condition and they were what I expected. Much cheaper than buying the same items here in Canada. Thanks for the great selection and reasonable reviews to help me make my choice.

  152. Justin Bell says:


    I ordered a box of cigars from absolute cigar to ontario Canada in the gta and was extremely happy with the fast delivery ( 8 days! ) including the weekend. The package was in excellent shape and even included a bonus stick! This was my first time ordering cigars online,and I’ll admit I was a little afraid to do so,but due to the fact that theis guys garuntee shipments 100 percent I gave it a shot,and Iam happy I did!

  153. Justin Bell says:

    Experience: Neutral

    First time ordering online and theis guys nailed it! It took 8 days for a box of cigars to reach me in Ontario Canada and included a bonus stick! A1 service! Keep up the good work guy’s.

  154. Stefmate [UK] says:


    Really impressed with the range and quality of service provided. Site is easy to navigate and customer service excellent on my first order. Was a bit dubious to place an international order so did some research first. Chose Absolute Cigars because of other positive reviews and very pleased I did. Very competitive with great offerings. Will be using for all my future purchases and would recommend without hesitation!

  155. Experience:

    A fantastic online cigar store . Nothing but praise for the incredible service , pricing and range they have here . I received my latest order within 7 days to Australia and will continue to order from Absolute cigars . You simply will not find a better service . Dave you are a champ

  156. Experience:

    I’ve been using AC for years shipping to the United Kingdom.

    Good selection and always packed well and in great condition, with general delivery in 8-10 days.

    Any issues have always been dealt in good time.

  157. Experience:

    Thank you AbsoluteCigars, my order arrived quickly and was well packed including a humidipack. I’m very anxious to try these CAO Amazons! Great e perience, will be back!

  158. G Stojanov says:


    I have been using Absolute Cigars website to deliver me all my favorite brands since June 2016. My biggest regret is not finding this website store earlier!
    The communication is great and service is prompt. the cigars always come fresh and well packed with boveda packs. I am beyond pleased with their service and will be using them forever. Absolutley highly recommended.
    Mebourne, Australia.

  159. Experience:

    I’m very satisfied with their services.
    – Great selection.
    – Support was quick and competent.
    – Shipping went well – 14 days to Slovakia, thanks to 1 week at Wiena airport. All stick arrived in good condition (plastic bag packed with boveda in carton box)

  160. Experience:

    No good I’ve not received a couple of packages and I’ve tried emailing several times and stayed up all ours of the morning to call as I live in Australia and I’ve had no success I’ve spent a lot of money and I’ve had no response

  161. Gordon McGeary says:


    5 Days! From ordering to recieving my order. This is becoming a regular delivery time and l’m in Scotland! I can’t rate the service highly enough, l’ve raved about the service on social media and ppl are amazed they have’nt heard of ababsolute-cigars before, well, they have now. I recommend that if you are a lover of premium cigars and good service combined with amazing prices you MUST check them out.

  162. Jacques Clau says:


    Location: Victoria, BC

    I made my first order last year with Absolute. Didn’t know the company. Took a chance. The cigars arrived 10 days later. No fuss, no muss. Now only Canada Post worries me (so far, so good)..

    I am now a regular customer of Absolute Cigars. Great service; on-time deliveries. And by the way, a cigar My Father Le Bijou costs me CAN $ 14 with Absolute, shipping included. I went to my cigar store here in Victoria: the very same cigar was listed at 30 dollars! THIRTY dollars! No, the owner is not greedy, the government is. See below.

    The owner of the store, a good friend, showed me once his statement after receiving an order of a different cigar. The cost price of this particular cigar was $ 4, and the tax was… more than 5 bucks!!! So the total of a $ 4 cigar was now more than $ 9, to which the owner needed to add his very slight margin profit.

    This is why the cigars are received from Absolute are half the price I would paid here in Canada, and that includes the shipping.

    You need to understand: the government needs that money, because they now gives free heroin to the addicts.

    Twice a day.

    No kidding.

  163. Michael Chuby says:


    Ordered Java, Drew Estate, on a Monday and got it the next Wednesday! I was a bit hesitant as I live in Quebec – as Absolute Cigar said – I had no problems! Thank you guys – you made my day!

  164. Experience:

    This is my fourth order with Absolute Cigars…mail just dropped it off…exactly 10 days from ordering to my mailbox…..I have never been nailed for duty.
    Even with the crappy exchange rate I still saved $142 cnd dollars on the box I purchased and got a nice free gift…….I will absolutely order again.


  165. Experience:

    They have been quick with my orders and I live in the southern hemisphere.. I get them usually within 2 weeks.. They’ve quick with solving issues, etc.. I highly recommend as I’ve been with them for years and looking forward to more enjoyable years!!

  166. Experience:

    In the early years shipping was a bit unpredictable. But for a few years lately I have not been disappointed. I always get prompt service and good quality products. I order from Canada. I receive my order within two weeks or less. Whomever “Mike” is, please keep doing the good work.

  167. Experience:

    Again my cigars arrived in perfect condition, Boveda packed & even contained a terrific looking free sample. Twelve days door to door from the date of ordering to the U.K. My go to online cigar company keeps getting quicker & quicker. Many thanks guys.

  168. Ghassan ALMOUSSA says:


    Wide range of Choices,good enough Delivery Time.
    hope to repeat my experience soon with this site.

  169. Experience:

    Mike from Ontario Canada. Once again Absolute Cigars has done a fantastic job . Order filled fast and received by me in good time. Cigars were fresh and undamaged. I will be ordering again soon.

  170. Experience:

    All I can say is wow, I was skeptical with some of the comments but I decided to take a risk. I am in Canada, I figured with what I have read here it will take 2 months to receive the cigars especially being in Canada, I was in no rush. I placed the order on March 1 It was at my door March 7th. Well packaged and an extra cigar as a gift. Shipping cost was also very reasonable. For people in Canada that have tried to get items shipped from the states you know how ridiculous some shipping costs can be. I will definitely deal with them again.

  171. Experience:

    8 days to Canada…how great is that?!
    Thanx guys will be ordering again :)

  172. Experience:

    Just received my 3rd order from Absolute Cigars. It arrived in 7 days to Ontario Canada. The product was in perfect condition and now sits in my humidor. Again great work from Absolute. I have passed this information to all my cigar buddies.
    Mike from Ontario.

  173. Experience:

    Top work yet again guys 8 days from order placement to sitting pretty in my humidor in the UK – it is no wonder I keep using your website. I have managed to introduce some guys from work to my hobby & they now use you as well. Thank you so much for your hard work.

  174. Patrick says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I’ve recently received a couple of shipments from AC but this last one goes best to illustrate the great customer service by their folks. Put simply , I placed an order, the online system accepted it, it turned out the cigars were out of stock; and so with an unneeded apology, Dave sent along a different size of the same stick along with a couple of bonus cigars

    Again, put simply, you can’t beat that. Thanks again folks

    Ottawa Canada

  175. Experience:

    Great service (OK, there was no *human* interaction but everything on the site went smoothly. Excellent prices on my favourite Nub cigars and even better on the bundle-wrapped torpedos I wanted to try.

    Delivery was a coupe of weeks, as I’m in Belgium but I guessed it wouldn’t be super fast, so can’t complain.

  176. Experience:

    Two more recent orders, and once again “faultless ”
    This last one took 11 days from placing the order to delivery to Canada.
    One would be hard-pressed to find fault with the Absolute folks

  177. Ian Duckworth says:


    I live in Australia, and bought cigars from Cigars.com. They ceased shipping to Australia. I did a search online and came across Absolute Cigars. They ship to Australia, and had positive reviews, especially to Aus’. I placed an order, the delivery estimated 7 to 10 days sometimes 20. The time was no great issue. A tracking no’ was provided and I was amazed at how quick it arrived in Aus’. I had the cigars in exactly 10 days. Great service. I will be placing more orders in the future.

  178. Experience:

    I live in Canada and have to let people know that Absolute Cigars is just amazing. I have ordered mainly time and always had the best cigars. The shipping is great and the product was always in top condition.
    I am a true fan in Absolute.

  179. Trinh Vu Quyet says:


    I ordered and they processed. However my cigars have never been shipped and they deny to answer my dozens of emails. They just took my money and gone.

  180. Experience:

    You know that I filled out a report on Absolute cigar and has not been listed on this site. Do I have to repeat it? The bottom line is that I have only used Absolute Cigars for my supply company. I have never had a problem with them in fact they exceed customers needs. I am from Ontario Canada and need to spread the word to all Ontario cigar smokers. Good cigars , good prices and a good company.

  181. Experience:

    I placed my first order with you about 3 weeks ago after a friend had used you, I was a bit worried as I’m in the uk so worried about them getting damaged or lost, held in customs, lost etc, my order came super fast, so well packaged, and via a good carrier, I’d like to say a massive thank you, I’m very very happy, lots of people take time to complain but little to comment on good service, so thank you to your whole time, I no doubt will be placing another order very soon.
    You guys are great and already told a few friends about the level of service

  182. Farooq Malik says:


    A cigars if fantastic I live in UK and prices here go through the roof when buying cigars.I fully recommend and ask customers to give these guys a go .Very pleased with there services.Thanks again guys I can only say you saved me loads of money.

  183. Experience:

    Received my order from Absolute cigars in 7 days. This was my 6 order from them. For the record all the orders have been perfect. It is a great company and does do a great job supplying Canada with great cigars. I will be ordering again soon. M.B Ontario Canada

  184. Experience:

    I have been shopping with Absolute Cigars for many years. There were some glitches in early years. But, lately, they have been fairly efficient, and accommodating. I am satisfied with their service. Also, you must consider that not too many online stores will deliver to Canada. Among those that do deliver to Canada, Absolute Cigars’ fees are better. Cigars are always top quality (depending on what you order, of course).

  185. Gary, Ottawa Canada says:


    I have only been dealing with AC for about a year but I have ordered a lot of cigars from them. I am very pleased with the service I have received. I only had one small problem with the shipping tracker and it was solved with 1 email. Mike and Dave are really great to deal with, the company was very responsive when I submitted a wish list and I have always received my order quickly and in perfect condition right to my door. They always give me a throw in with my order and all have been great (some have become my favorites and I have ordered almost all of them).
    Some people will complain no matter what you do but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Absolute Cigars is a great company to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone! Don’t listen to the complainers, give them a chance to prove themselves and judge for yourself. I’m very happy I did.

  186. Experience:

    Well hey everyone !

    I ordered my cigars from absolute as well but unfortunately I must be one of the unlucky ones because it’s now been 3 weeks and still no cigar !

    Starting to think that this is somewhat of scam…. will be waiting anditional week and if by then they don’t arrive I’ll be requesting a refund via PayPal. If that doesn’t do it, well more drastic mesures will be taken

  187. Experience: Neutral

    I just received my “umpteenth ” order from AC and my comment remains monotonously consistent: outstanding service and product. To Poke (above): no doubt things go astray once in a while due to circumstances beyond AC’s world (or even if it’s within), but be sure to contact them. The one time it happened to me they made it more than right (and I believe the problem was with he USPS or Canadian Postal service). No matter: I got my order resent and as others have said, they threw in a bonus stick as well.

    Patrick in Ottawa Canada

  188. Experience:

    Reading my post it is negative, but I just recently received my cigars through the mail. All of them are in great shape!

    I sincerely apologize to AC for this bad review, because recently I was robbed of 400$ on another website non-cigar related goods. So yes it made me kind of nervous to order these and not get robbed again….

    But AC are very Professional and assure you the best quality cigars and service there is for cigars amatures world wide. Customer service was fanatastic, they went all out to respond to my mail and voice messages and track down my order.

    Will definately be ordering more cigars from AC and probably sooner than anticipated too!

    enjoy !

  189. Experience:

    My most recent purchase was in my letterbox in the UK 7 days after placing the order. Incredible service from Absolute cigars & as always they were in perfect condition.

    Probably quicker than ordering from within the UK to be honest. Many thanks guys.

  190. Experience:

    I would recommend this small business to anyone who is looking for a quick/uncomplicated mail order of non-cuban cigars. The variety of available cigars is superb and the customer service was timely and professional. Thank you!

  191. Experience:

    Had my second order received. Really fast delivery. High quality products. Very well packed and great condition. For sure future orders will follow.
    Thank you for efforts AC.

  192. ERWAN INJEY says:


    I have ordered 8 times from Absolute cigars and from the very start their customer service always replied to my emails, despite my numerous interrogations in regards to International shipping.
    Each time the orders arrived on time and in perfect packaging.
    Then, my latest order was apparently held up in customs or lost by my local post office – and true to their word, Absolute cigars sent the package once again, totaly free of charge.
    From my experience they have a truly exceptional customer service and support – rarely have I seen such a high professional level and customer oriented efforts.
    I would definitely recommend them and the care they take for International clients.

  193. Jason Mccarthy says:


    I want say thank you to absolute cigars for making my first order experience so great and easy. The order was placed and delivered to me in less then 10 days here in Newfoundland Canada. I highly recommend the 25 cigar mega sampler .

  194. Experience:

    Yet another perfect order. Speedy delivery and great packaging. Can’t say enough. Oh yes one more thing: a free stick included for no reason. That’s customer satisfaction at its best

    Pat in Ottawa Canada

  195. Experience:

    Excellent service not ordered anything for a while but not disappointed. Easy to order and posted very quickly. No hassle delivery. Highly recommended.

  196. Experience:

    This last order takes the cake: from the time I received the automated “received your order” email to the “shipped” email was EIGHT MINUTES. Seven days til arrival in Canada

    Order from AC !

    Ottawa Canada

  197. Experience:

    Website is very easy to navigate. Pricing is amazing. Received a confirmation of my order in no time at all. Only 7 days to my door and no issues whatsoever.
    Keep up the great service.
    I will definitely be placing more orders.

    Don, Mississauga Ontario

  198. Experience:

    First order after being recommended by a friend. Amazing experience. From the instant I ordered I had great and concise communication. Order came through no dramas all the way to Australia and even had an extra gift in there :)
    Couldn’t rate my experience high enough and would recommend to anyone.

  199. Experience:

    I placed my order exactly one week ago as a gift for my fiancé who lives overseas. I didn’t think it would arrive on time for his birthday (nor did I expect it to) but it did and he loves them! They arrived in great shape and tracking was a breeze. Definitely will be ordering in the future again.

    Thank you!!!

  200. Experience:

    Just seven days from shipping to arrival in UK. Great condition & well packed on arrival & even a gift cigar too.

    Tracking is very easy. I only use this company now & this was my 12th great order.

    Keep up the terrific service guys, you are nailing it.

  201. Experience:

    Absolute by far the best online cigar store and back up their promise of delivery or refund. I live in Canada made numerous orders to Absolute but one of my last orders got caught at the border and huge tax was levied on me, I refused the order and Dave at Absolute without any hesitation made arrangements to ship a new box to my location. Great prices, outstanding service, what else can you ask for…Thanks, Absolute!

  202. Michel Yakovleff says:


    I am absolutely delighted to have found you. The order was sent very quickly, it was delivered in France in the week, superb packaging and I enjoyed the extra complimentary cigar.
    I don’t smoke one every day, so I will not return to your site immediately, but for sure, you have won a very happy and loyal customer.

  203. Patrick Walsh says:


    Another quick and successful order from AC. Must say I’m impressed with the Alec Bradley lighter I purchased. I expected a much cheaper looking unit but quite the contrary. Jump on one of these if you can: great price.


    Ottawa Canada

  204. Experience:

    Excellent experience all around. Fresh cigars. Accurate order. Arrived promptly. Received a free cigar with my order which was unlabelled but of very good quality. I’m in Canada. Just placed my second order

  205. Experience:

    Just received my first order of cigars from Absolute Cigars. My 4-pack of Cain and 5-pack of Onyx arrived here in Nottingham, England, inside 2 weeks. Given there was a bank holiday in the middle of that I think that’s bloody good. Cigars well packed, everything undamaged and in great condition. I even lucked in by getting two free cigars, one a Rocky Patel 2006 San Andreas toro which is a new one to me but looks great.. Very impressed all round

  206. Experience:

    Once again Absolute stands behind their guarantee and promise on shipping. I consider myself now a regular customer of Absolutecigars.com my last order got caught at the border but Dave once again backed his promise and sent me another box of Brick House Maduro Might Mighty to cover my order and happy to say I received it. No other place to shop but absolutecigars.com

  207. Experience:

    It is always in time!
    Prices are good and the service very good

  208. Experience:

    Ordered from Canada, and they were here in a week with no unpleasant surprises. Responded very fast to inquiries via email. First time ordering from them and will not be the last.

  209. Experience:

    I am in Canada and all my orders arrive in a few days in perfect condition, alway with one or more free cigars of good quality. No reason for me to order from anywhere else unless I want Cubans.

  210. Dimitri Pavlovits says:


    Ordered Gurkha sampler x2 and arrived in 6 days to UK. I must say I had very pleasant experience and will be ordering again! Thank you.

  211. Experience:

    Can I just congratulate you all at Absolute on an excellent service. My recent purchase of Nub cigars arrived within a week, which is quicker than some UK suppliers, and are of excellent quality. The service you provide is the best I have encountered in years. The products purchased are a fraction of the cost here in the U.K., I will definitely recommend you to all my fellow Military cigar aficionados, many thanks and I will be back soon.

  212. Gareth Jones says:


    Great company to deal with.

    Always deliver on time. Never a problem.


  213. Daniel Kelly says:


    There website does not make it clear that if you order cigars from them, and you live in the UK. You will incur a 125% customs charge!

  214. Richard Hunt says:


    I have used Absolute for a year now and in the last few months the service has dropped considerably. Poor communication, unanswered emails….only way I ever got a response was if I contacted them via Instagram.
    I have had the wrong cigars shipped out on several occasions, as well as the wrong sizes but my biggest issue is they take the money and I have seen on 2 occasions that the order hasn’t been processed for 9 days until I chase them. They are very polite and apologetic but they have gone from a great online shop to a very mediocre one.
    They have recently changed their shipping policy from a guaranteed delivery to ‘if you get caught by customs, it’s your problem’

  215. Experience:

    I wouldn’t order from them if you are overseas. Very very poor service I’m sad to say. 9 weeks later & my cigars didn’t arrive & both email replies from them were of no help at all & quite dismissive. (I emailed them several times but was mostly ignored.) The tracking was of no use either which was disappointing. I suppose we all live & learn & I’ve learned a costly lesson from this company.

  216. Experience:

    Ordered from this company a few times over the years & every time it’s been great. Well packaged & good service with tracking. Occasionally package can be held at customs a little while in my country (UK) but always arrives perfect.

  217. Ernie Pallas says:


    Paid for some cigars on 3rd December 2018..while browsing the site discovered they weren’t dispatched until the 12th December which concerned me as no one contacted me to tell me.
    From the comments above these people are obviously drop shopping product (taking orders collecting the money financing their business).
    Its the 21st Jan 2019 still no delivery of the product i paid for on the 3rd December..this is not acceptable.
    Obviously this company has big issues

  218. Experience:

    Ordered a product. Chased up five times on email and more via the phone about when they’ll dispatch it – for my wedding, no less. They ignored every email and their phone line is clearly a fake as nobody ever answers no matter what time of day you call. They took my money, a significant amount, and have not sent anything.

  219. Dave at AC says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Hi guys, of course we regret any customer experience that doesn’t go well. So some updates on a few issues noted above:
    Ernie in China: Tracking provided shows package landed in China, and is “en route to destination”. Happy to refund if not delivered.
    Daniel in UK: Told us on Oct 1 that he was returning product for refund. He did not. He chose to pay the duty. Always 125%? no. Example: Had a regular UK customer this week charged GBP14.30 (approx US$20) in tax/duty on a 30 cigar order.
    Richard in UK: No, we did not change our policy as you say. We now just ask that a package arrive back here before we re-ship or refund. Fair & reasonable.
    Omar in Australia: Yes, poor communication by us with Omar’s delayed order. Have apologised repeatedly & provided a 100% refund, same day as requested.

    Guys, the vast majority of international orders arrive with no issues. Yes, from time to time postal services may lose a package or customs may take weeks to clear a package. 99% of our great international customers understand this. Do we make mistakes? Yes. Stuff happens and of course we don’t have a 100% satisfaction rate. Are we accountable for errors and lost packages? Yes. Our terms protect customers if we fail to deliver. There is a reason why virtually no other US retailers will ship overseas now. They chose not to bother with international shipping, regulations, and being blamed for postal and customs issues. But we chose to continue to serve our international friends, most of whom appreciate what we do very much, but sadly, don’t spend time on sites like this writing positive reviews. Guys, do your research and order from a business you trust.

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