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Sells : Non-Cuban cigars & cigar accessories
Based in : USA
Online Since : 1998
Rating : 13 ( : 26, : 13)
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Description (provided by the retailer) : Absolutecigars.com specialize in worldwide delivery of premium Non-Cuban cigars. We are a fully licensed tobacconist and members of the IPCPR. We have customers all over the world and guarantee delivery to every corner of the globe. We carry hundreds of cigar brands and a massive range of cigar accessories, cigar clothing and cigar art.

45 Comments on “Absolute Cigars”

  1. Experience: Neutral

    Customer service is always very attentive with e-mail and phone contact.

  2. Experience: Neutral

    Massive shipping delays & a word to the wise – find someone else to deal with.

  3. Experience:

    Placed an order in early July. After three phone calls, I still don’t know why order has not been shipped. Never again.

  4. Experience:

    I had no problems in my previous orders, to be honest. But, it’s been 16 days now since my last order, I send emails 3 times, called customer service twice: no replies, no answers, nothing…

  5. Experience:

    I’ve had only good experiences with Absolute Cigars. I look for their weekly specials, which provide some of the best prices around. Shipping has been quick and reliable.

  6. Experience:

    Just traded emails with “Mike” at Absolute Cigars. My 3rd order from them. They have yet to ship in a timely manner. They have backed out of their Delivery Guarantee. Worst yet, I was told by “Mike’ who seems to be the only employee (every email and phone call has been with Mike)I should take my business elswhere if I don’t like their shipping procedures. Will never use them again

  7. Experience:

    I ordered from Brazil, I sent 2 emails about my order and NO response. After 30 days ordering I receive my cigars here in Brazil. The box was not sealed in vacuum, but sealed with factory seal. Althought I happy to receive here in Brazil!

  8. SmokinWheelzzz says:


    Just received the first half of an order with Absolute. They stated they had shipped about 9-10 days before they actually did ship, but everything so far has arrived without problems and the tracking for the second half of the order says it should be here tomorrow. Overall turnaround, about 3 weeks. Will enjoy the Cohiba Secretos and H. Upmann Corona Juniors. Hard to complain!

  9. Dominique says:


    Placed two orders more than a month ago and I never received it . Never again !!!!!

  10. Dominique says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Finaly received one of them !!!!!

  11. Sfingerman says:


    I placed an order on May 9. Received an e-mail saying they were out of stock but should be receiving them in approximately 2 weeks. I still haven’t received my order. I have sent 3 e-mails with no response and left 2 voice mails with customer service with no response. Any suggestions.

  12. Experience:

    I have placed several orders for non-cubans over the past year. The quality of the cigars has been excellent. Yes, shipping was a bit slow, but I time my order placement so that I can expect my new shipment just as I run out. I have contacted customer service both via email and phone on occasion, and have found them to be prompt and courteous.

  13. Lithuanian_ says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Cigar variety: 4 out of 5
    Cigar quality: 4 out of 5
    Cigar delivery:2 out of 5 (got some freebies for delivery delay…_twice_)
    Overall, if they could improve their delivery timelines would be great!

  14. Experience:

    I’ve been dealing with Mike at Absolute for about 4 years now. While yes, there have been cases of delays in shipping (many times more to blame on the vagarities of international postal carriers than anything else) I’ve never yet had a problem of getting Mike via phone and he has always been very attentive and helpful. Honestly, I’m kind of surprised at some of the comments here, doesn’t sound like the same company I’ve been buying from.

  15. Experience:

    I’ve been dealing with Absolute for over a year now, and I’ve had nothing but excellent service from them…Mike in particular. Any issues were promptly dealt with with quick e-mail replies. Excellent customer service and great product!

  16. Experience:

    These guys are great. I have never had a problem and I have been ordering from them for years. Shipping is slow but from them to me is 6000 miles. I put on an extra two weeks and just sit and enjoy when the beauties come. They have great deals and they are the real deal. Some of the other comments sound very suspicious!

  17. Experience:

    It was my first experience with AbsoluteCigars and it was a very positive one. The service and the shipping procedure were excellent .My cigars arrived in perfect conditions. They will be my new cigars supplier.

  18. Experience:

    Ive been dealing with Mike for over ten years and he is excellent. Sometime shipping does take longer, especially shipping to Canada, but i have always got my cigars.

  19. Experience:

    Mike took care of my concerns very quickly and has made a customer for life Thank you Mike

  20. Experience:

    Fantastic communication from the Guys at Absolute Cigars. For an overseas buyer, the postage was fast, my cigars always arrive in excellent condition, and pricing is more than affordable Thanks Guys, Great Work..

  21. Experience:

    Wow, I was so happy with everything about this site. The cost, the speed of delivery and the products. I am in Australia and it took less that 1.5 weeks for the items to arrive in perfect condition. I have since made several other orders and have not had any issues. Thanks guys for a excellent experience.

  22. Experience:

    I have not received my product from them yet and have sent three inquiries without response thus far. I can tolerate delays but not being ignored. Absolutely no excuse from a business to ignore their customers after receiving payment for late/undelivered goods. Am looking for another online cigar vendor.

  23. Irishsmoke says:


    I Ordered for the first time two weeks ago, and i found everything, from ordering, shipping and packaging etc.. was excellent. It only took 7 days to arrive to Ireland. The cigars are in top condition. I will use again for all my Non-Cuban smokes. Thanks to Mike for the great service!

  24. Experience:

    waited one month for my order but worth the wait.cigars well packeged and great smokes

  25. Experience:

    -convenience of ordering 100%
    -customer service 100% (Mike )
    -shipping to Canada’s west coast 100% (9-days)
    -packaging 95%- great packaging, but I would have liked to option to pay an extra buck or two to have the cigars placed in a baggie with a humi-pac for it’s long journey.

  26. Experience:

    I placed my order 3 weeks ago and haven’t received it. I also submitted an order to a California company and received the cigars within a week. The California company had twice the distance to ship so I don’t think Absolute is sending cigars when the order is placed. If it is an issue of stock then the website should announce cigars that are currently out of stock so that the buyer can look elsewhere.

    This is my first order, and one thing is certain. These guys are not concerned about first impressions. Hopefully soon I can comment on the quality of the cigars

  27. Experience:

    My cigars have arrived and look good. I was also contacted by Mike and he clarified that the late delivery was due to stock issues. He also offered to cover my 180.00 order free of charge. I declined the free offer however it has changed my first opinion and I would recommend Absolute to anyone looking. Keep in mind that shipping delays may be possible on your orders but they will arrive.

  28. Experience:

    Getting married in one week. Ordered some cigars (twice) over two weeks ago thinking that would be enough time to get them to Australia. But as yet no word on when they will be shipped. Or even any payment taken out of my account. Emailed twice with no response. Very disappointed with the service. I wonder if they will turn up by the time we celebrate our first born!!

  29. Experience:

    I have been a customer with Absolute Cigars for a few years. The have good communications when you place an order and let you know when they ship your order. They have quick shipping and the packaging is good. I would definitely recommend them for purchasing cigars!

  30. Experience:

    Ordered cigars on June 4th, got an email it was sent on June 12th (8 days later!). When I got my tracking number it never left until June 20th! I needed these cigars for an event on July 5th and I am not going to get them. Read the rest of the reviews here clearly one man business with no real focus or service.

  31. Experience:

    I order a box of Non-Cubans to be delivered to Canada. I received them in 10 business days, and there was no duty. Will defiantly be ordering from them again!

  32. Experience:

    Placed first (and last) order with this company. Spent almost $300 for assorted samplers and a bundle. Out of the 11 ‘Premium Coronas’ sampler pack ordered, I received only 3 as advertised, the rest were certainly not of ‘equal or greater value’. I was charged almost $30 for Express shipping, which took 3 weeks to arrive..??!

    I am neither impressed with what I received nor pleased with the slow delivery….too bad Amazon doesn’t sell cigars, I would have received them within 3 days! (lol).

  33. Richard from Nova Scotia says:


    I have nothing but very great things to say about this company. I always deal with a very pleasant man named Mike (Who i believe is the owner)? He has always given me advice or recommendations, etc or answer any questions that I may have regarding cigars in general ( Even if it has nothing to do with my orders) He makes my orders feel very personal, and i feel like I am a valued customer and not just a number to him. As for the Quality of the Cigars which i have received so far. I honestly don’t think that i could even hand pick from a local boutique shop myself , cigars that are of that quality and freshness in which I have received from them so far! My most recent order just arrived this morning, and it only took 6 days from the day that i ordered to arrive at my home in Nova Scotia, CANADA. That’s as fast as it gets in my book. I also found a wonderful surprise in my package and that was a free cigar of great quality. This was perfect because it made up for the current exchange rate here in Canada… I will be a customer for life, and i just placed another order today also.. I will recommend this company to anyone!!!

  34. Experience: Neutral

    I leave messages but no return call. No response from e-mail I sent.
    I was glad to have the reviews available I wasn’t as concerned when I found so many other people were having problems with delivery and
    service from absolute cigrs.

  35. Experience:

    I placed an order on September 24, 2014, and waited until this past week to ascertain the status of my order. I called on three days and left a message on the answering machine, and followed-up two of my calls with emails, without receiving either an email acknowledgement or return call. If the company is not interested in my business, I will shop elsewhere.

  36. Experience:

    I ordered3 weeks ago, still have not recieved anything. Called, emailed and no reply.
    Wish I would have read these reviews before ordering from them

  37. Experience:

    Company was very professional and on time with my delivery. They even threw in a free cigar and matches ! I plan on oerdering from them in the near future.

  38. michel schryer says:


    I always order my cigars from absolutecigars.com. and so far I am satisfied with the service and it’s the only web site I use. No It’s not perfect but what is. There as been few hiccups with the shipping time but it’s not possible to control the mailing service. Stuff get stuck at the customs, no control over that. When there was issues with the shipping Mike always corrected it right away. Being in Canada It’s hard to get very good cheap cigars at that price.I will keep using Absolutecigars.com,thanks !

  39. Len Oberman says:


    I have been waiting for 6 weeks for my order which has been paid for and still not delivered, they don’t return phone calls or emails. Very poor service.

  40. Kevin Randall says:


    First class service. My cigars were dispatched quickly, well packed & arrived in the UK in great condition in under two weeks. Even when you include postage etc. they are less than half the price of the equivalent in the UK. I was even provide with a free cigar – thanks guys. I have just placed another order. Will now be my default option for online cigar purchase.

  41. Experience: Neutral

    I placed my first and last order with Absolute Cigars 5 calls and 4 emails and no reply.Why Mike would you not contact a customer all I want to know is the tracking number for my order.This is not how you treat people worst of all a customer never been treated like this before so Mike if you read this please stop go and read your emails and reply in some way to your customers.

  42. Experience:

    Very happy with dave and crew excellent customer support and cigars shipped promptly and arrived fresh in australia I will continue to use absolute cigars for all my needs from now on

  43. Experience:

    Once again my shopping experience was a great one. Dave is a great communicator & assisted me promptly with a solution when part of my order was not immediately in stock. My order arrived fresh & ready to smoke in the UK 8 days after dispatch. Highly recommend this company to produce great quality cigars at a competitive price. Enjoy.

  44. Experience:

    I had a hard time trying to find a company that would give me the confidence to ship cigars and a humidor and other accessories international. I was very pleased to find Absolute Cigars. Amazing customer service! They helped me put together a nice order of cigars and gave me the confidence I needed to make such a large order to be shipped internationally. Everything arrived, packaged extremely well. I wish all companies would have such top-notch customer service! You have a customer for life, thank you!

  45. K Randall says:


    Cannot recommend these guys highly enough. Excellent customer service & efficient worldwide despatch of quality cigars. You can order from a wonderful choice of cigars for worldwide guaranteed delivery. What’s not to like?

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