5 Vegas Series A Apostle

5 Vegas Series A

Photo credit: 5 Vegas website

Origin : Honduras
Format : Robusto Grande
Size : 7 x 50
Wrapper : Costa Rica
Filler : Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : ~$5 each

We’ve got a video review of the 5 Vegas Serie A Apostle today, courtesy of Ernie. Enjoy!

Note: if you are viewing this via e-mail you might need to visit the website in order to launch the video.

10 Comments on “5 Vegas Series A Apostle”

  1. Neat review; thanks.

    But now, I gotta ask: I need some bio/background on Ernie. Dude’s got an interesting personality, knows his stuff, but is, uh, a bit ‘quirky.’ Just interested to know what’s going on there!

  2. Not a fan of the review. Hard to follow due to the amount of um’s. I did not really get anything from it.

  3. My new years resolution was to remain positive.

    So I will say nothing.

  4. DJ-I am currently a sophmore at WCSU in Danbury, CT. I started smoking cigars about 5 years ago, when I was a sophmore in high school. At first I was smoking the machine-mades but within a few months I was smoking a lot of the hoyo de monterrey excaliburs. At the moment i’m a huge fan of the ultra full-bodied smokes. I really like the cain maduros, the man o war ruination, the LFD double ligero, patel brothers,etc…But I can get into the medium bodied stuff like the perdomo grand crus and the cx2s and mx2s by CAO. In a rare instance i’ll smoke the milder stuff like the AVOs and the havana sun grown by alec bradley. I smoke as often as I can but my wallet’s been a little light lately so I’ve been smoking 3-5 per week.
    BG-I can appreciate your honesty. Truthfully, I was dissapointed myself by my delivery on the video. It was my first review and I was nervous so despite knowing what I wanted to say previous to turning the camera on, once the camera was turned on I developed ‘a case of the ums’. Sorry man, I’ll try and write out a little something for myself before I turn the camera on so my next video doesn’t have that problem.
    Chekk12-actually negative feedback would be infinitely more productive than what you wrote because it would be, um, feedback. Good one! You’re a clever boy, aren’t you?

  5. Thank you for addressing the comments and well……………..taking mine as a criticism not as a slam. I was not trying to discourage another review.

  6. No prob, bg! I’m happy to receive any sort of comment about the percieved weak points of the review. This is new to me, I know its not perfect, but as long as people like you are telling me what they did and didn’t like I can learn how to make it better and more accessable and informative in the future…My ambition is to work on making the videos more like those on the stogiereview.com, with music and credits and sharper editing. We’ll see how it goes.

  7. I’ll cutcha some slack: nice to see a kid out there, despite the PC world. How do your college colleagues react to your hobby?

    Practice, practice, practice!

  8. I won’t comment on this particular video because where I’m standing right now, in my kitchen preparing that first cup of coffee, I can’t access it. The way I usually READ Cigar Inspector is on my phone via the website. Well my phone will not play this particular video and that means I have to go sit at my computer upstairs to see the review. Even if the video would play not sure I would watch it. I have see video reviews before and they are never as good as the written ones. The funny thing is that when I read Ernie’s responses to the comments about the video I get the sense that he could write a much better review than he could ever shoot.

  9. @MB
    Thanks a lot for your input. My preference goes to written reviews too, I always preferred text over video (I don’t even have a TV set at home – would you believe it?). However some people really enjoy video and it is quite a good support to increase interaction. This is why I don’t mind and rather encourage guest/regular video reviews on the site – on the other hand, the majority of the content will remain written and there will not be more than one video review per week.

  10. Thanks Inspector. Different strokes… And not that I have anything against the moving pictures, it’s what pays my bills but as Ernie mentions it is really tough to get your thoughts articulated when that camera is on. Come to think of it a while ago you posted a video review, I think on You Tube, (Hot Chick something or other?) of a young woman reviewing the Oliva V, I enjoyed that video quite a lot.

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