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1001 Cuban CigarsOUT OF BUSINESS
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Switzerland
Online Since : 2005
Rating : 3 ( : 9, : 6)
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Description (from the website) : 1001 Cuban Cigars is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

35 Comments on “1001 Cuban Cigars”

  1. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered 3 boxes from them, Trini Reyes and RASCC. Shipping through Swiss Post took about 10 days. Both boxes of Reyes had slight mold which I wiped off rather than go through the hassle of returning. The cigars seem authentic. I ordered during one of their 15% off sales with a $300 minimum and thought I got a deal. I noticed after the sale that they rolled the regular price back down to a point lower than the price they charged me with 15% off. If they cheat their customers by jacking up prices and then offering 15% off to look like a deal, they probably can’t be trusted to sell authentic Habanos. Would love to hear any others’ experiences with these guys.

  2. Experience: Neutral

    renzo, that wasn’t mold, it was “bloom” – the tobacco oils crystallising on the wrapper surface. You don’t return cigars with them – they are a sign of good tobacco.

  3. Experience: Neutral

    I wish. It was definitely mold. Not too bad but scattered in both boxes of Reyes. Some of the posters on the discussion (titled “shipment”) about this shop at Cigar Aficionado mentioned getting boxes recently with mold.

  4. Experience:

    Best prices of all the Cuban online vendors but prices go up and down, seemingly, to offset the occasional 15% off and I had some slightly moldy sticks. Not awful but enough to question the conditions of the storage on their end. In their defense the weather was extremely hot during the transit which probably contributed. I have another package in transit and will report on it upon arrival.

    UPDATE: Just got my other package, three boxes, all in excellent condition, no mold this time. The price was great as well, not “15% off” but regular price. Took 7 days from order to delivery. Chocolate wasn’t melted this time so transit temps must have been lower.

  5. Experience:

    So, let me get this straight; if you order unopened cigars, receive them, and they have mold, and you don’t address it with the vendor, the vendor still gets a negative or neutral. Also, up/down prices warrant a negative. Maybe I’m missing the point.

    I’ve never had any issues with this vendor at all. A couple of friends had minor issues that were quickly resolved. Lastly, their Facebook page addressed the price issue.

  6. Experience: Neutral

    You did miss the point. Apparently, because of the way the shop list and reviews software is written, the shop would not show up in the list of shops until someone posted either a positive or negative review. Having had only the one experience with them, I could not post a positive review based on the slight mold and jacked up price. You will notice that I posted a positive when I received my 2nd order from them. I will continue to order from them and am glad to hear a positive review from someone else.

  7. Experience: Neutral

    @renzo, I edited your initial comment so it doesn’t show as negative anymore.

  8. Experience: Neutral

    They dont answer the phone ? or reply to email

    Update (Dec 9, 2010): They did call back not easy to have them on the phone
    , they have not solve my order issue
    i will give hem thumb up when i will have my order

    Update (Jan 14, 2011): Im missing only one box of my original order backorder and was not inform made change should be in in the next days
    the cigars are authentic did meet in person one of the lady who work for them Did buy la Punta great box dark nice and Bolivar gigantes 2 hour smoke great price was on sale

    Update (Feb 18, 2011): Not happy the l missing box was stolen ( DHL service probably )
    my pakage was open and stuf with cardboard
    since was reship to me if they would have told me was backorder i will
    not have my pakage resend to me theyr is more to the story …

    Update (Mar 1, 2011): They never return my call to apology
    and look like they are gone no more webpage


  9. Giambian says:


    I placed an order with 1001 cuban cigars on the 8th Feb 2011. My Master Card was charged accordingly. To date, 2 March 2011, I have not received the goods. The toll-free tel number is always busy and the website is no longer accessible (since the last few days). I would like to learn what’s going on!

  10. Experience:

    I placed my order with 1001 cigars on Feb 15th, they charged my creditcard, but no products have been delivered. The website is closed, the tollfree number does not answer. Obviously they have gone bankrupt, and I will loose my money.

  11. Experience: Neutral

    I dont work for them and havent ordered from them but there FB page says:
    FYI, we haven’t fallen, but rather have pulled down the site to make changes. We will be going live again in the near future and many changes will be in effect to better service our customers.

    If you have any orders that are pending for delivery, we will make sure to get the orders delivered to you, in the meanwhile, we will not be accepting new orders while we are in transition for the new site.”

  12. Giambian says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I have now been promised delivery within 10 days.
    By the way do you really post readers comments on the website? I can’t find what I posted the other day!

  13. paul1977 says:


    I ordered 30 excellent Cohiba Esplendidos, which where shipped in about 8 days to The Netherlands. No trouble with tax whatsoever, so they ultimately cost me about 60% of the Dutch price. Given my current experience, I wanted to browse around for Hoyo de Monterrey but the website is currently down.

  14. Experience: Neutral

    @Giambian, it’s just above. Can’t you see it?

  15. Experience:

    I’ve never had any bad experiences w/ 1001 Cubans…have placed around 10 orders – cigars have always been in excellent condition and arrived within 2 weeks…I did have one order confiscated 11/2010 – 1001 reshipped my order and I received it in 1/2011 – highly reccomend!

  16. parislolo says:


    My last order was never received but my credit card was charged. There website is gone but I know that they have merged with Esplendido Cigars.com. Tried to call, no answer, tried to email, same thing no answer. I did put a dispute claim with my credit card bank…will see???

    Update: Guess what? I just received a phone call from Dimitra (1001 cuban cigars) telling me that they have problems with the swiss post and that if I don’t see their tracking # on by monday they will refund my money. Their website should be back on in a few…complicated anyway>

  17. Settergren says:


    I am getting a little worried about 1001CC. They claim to be having trouble finding an in country shipper. But the web-page says “Forbidden – no permission to access this server” and the phone number 1-800-977-6291 doesn’t answer and gives you a “mail-box full”. Presently I am waiting on an order made on Feb 2. When they answered the phone last week, they said they didn’t know where it was and were willing to reship.

    What is their Facebook name? Anybody know?

  18. Experience:

    They have always been good about answering emails – sometimes hard to get on the phone.

    About merging w/ Esplendido – I always thought they were also Esplendido – pretty much the same offerings and pricing.

  19. Experience: Neutral

    1001cuban, Esplendidos and CubanCigarsfamily are related. I’ve had good experience with Dimitra for the past 4 years but my recent purchase on 3rd Feb with 1001 has gone awol. No email response and site is missing. Hope the above comment on the revamping the new site is true…giving it a few more days before a dispute claim

  20. Experience: Neutral

    Well I am trying to get my money back from my creditcard company, it will probably not work, but I try. I warn all my friends (and colleagues via my employers intranet) about buying cigars online, I work for a very big company, it will spread around.

  21. parislolo says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I have received an email from Dimitra today that she refunded my credit card. I have to wait a couple days to see if the transaction has been made. I’ll keep you posted.

  22. Settergren says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Any updates on 1001 status? Are they out of business? And most importantly, what is the handle of 1001 on Facebook? I’d really like to know.

  23. Experience: Neutral

    Don’t know on status?

    I think they are Club Passion Habanos.

  24. Experience: Neutral

    I was promised a refund on March 14. So far nothing yet. I wouldn’t write off online purchasing yet. 5 years with several competitors has been solid. Pity an incident like this spoils it.

  25. Experience:

    I have ordered three boxes in the last 15 months from 1001cubancigars.com. I’ve been very pleased with them and their customer support. They responded to my emails and I even got a phone call when shipments were being intercepted at Chicago airport. And their prices are the lowest I’ve found on cubans on the net.

  26. Experience:

    Club Passion Habanos on Facebook. Not much more info available there than is listed here. My experience with them in the past has been positive, but of late would steer clear of them until/if they restart and rebuild their reputation… if possible.

  27. Experience:

    I have been waiting on an order from 1001 cuban cigars since December 2010. They initially said that the Cohibas I was ordering were out of stock. I have not heard from them since they charged my credit card in December.

  28. JosephsDad says:


    I placed a 3 box order on Jan 26, 2011 2 boxes showed up quickly, the last other box is still MIA. I have recieved many empty promises of new shipping procedures, re-shipping dates etc etc and still nothing. If I dont have a tracking # or cigars by end of the week I will be contacting my CC company and looking into any sort of Swiss Better Business Bureau type of organization. I had used 1001 many many times with minimal issues all of which were resolved to my 100% satisfaction.

  29. Experience: Neutral

    1001 Cubans is no more – the site is down and hasn’t been around for about a year now.

  30. Experience: Neutral

    Some say they are back as Habanex. Don’t know if there is any relationship or not. I do know that there are issues with placing orders on the Habanex site.

  31. lovethemhabanos says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I ordered from 1001 cuban cigars a few years ago and they sent me counterfeit habanos. Would not trust anything from them or any related sites.

  32. El Principe says:


    Habanex is a scam! There are complaints on several cigar boards. They take the money and you never see the cigars.
    They are NOT related to 1001.

  33. Experience:

    i was looking for a bottle of whisky.. came by their site Habanex..

    it looked like a wrong placed pricetag, because it was like 100,- less then normal price…
    very trange site , no logic to it..
    no contact adress is to be found
    owner says is Peter T
    instead of a P. Theoretical
    looks fancy but it is really fast made shit site
    signs all over…
    look into google and all the searches come from their site.. no reviews

    once fell for the same scam like on airportcigarettes

    it was bad whiskey too

  34. Experience: Neutral

    Many state Habanex is the same owner from 1001

  35. Geoff Hackett says:

    Experience: Neutral

    It’s called PLUME! not bloom

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